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Word crawl/RPG Crawl

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1.Potions can be used to skip either travel time or an objective.

2.The dice used is a standard 6 sided one, though any dice will do if you wish to go higher.

3.Travel time: Roll a dice (or use a number generator like Random.org) then multiply the number by 100. Write that many words.


  • You wake up in an empty room as naked as the day you were born. Terrified someone will walk in and find you in this state you sprint for 100 words as you frantically get dressed.
  • You decide to search the room for anything else you may have missed. Write for 10 minutes while you look for hidden items.
    • If you write <500 words: you find nothing.
    • If you write >500 words: you find a potion under the bed.
  • You open the bedroom door to find yourself in a small, abandoned cottage. A table in the middle of the room holds several items; you move forward to investigate. Write to the nearest 1000 words while you check the items out.
  • The items are a letter, a map and a small chest. Roll a dice, you have 10 minutes to write 100x that many words.
    • If you complete: the chest contains a potion.
    • If you fail: the chest is booby trapped with poison and you must write another 200 words while the effects wear off.
  • The letter tells you an evil Sorcerer has stolen the King's six children and hidden them in the villages marked on the map. You have until the end of the day to rescue the children or they will be taken and turned into evil minions. You must face a guardian at each village. You notice your weapon is waiting beside the door as you go to leave. Choose one:
    • Sword
    • Bow
    • Magic Staff

The Villages

The villages can be visited in any order but they must all be visited before moving on to the next section. Before completing the objective for each village you must roll a dice for travel time and complete the resulting number of words.

1. Outside this village a Fifty-Headed-Hydra is lying in wait. You need to kill it before you get to the child.

  • If using a sword: write an extra 200 words while you get close enough to fight it. Roll a dice:
    • If even: you get knocked out by one of the many heads. You wake up and they have already taken the child.
    • If odd: you manage to dodge the heads, stab the monster and rescue the child. A bona fide hero!
  • If using bow or magic staff: you kill the beast from long range and rescue the child unscathed.

2. An ordinary looking man is waiting for you outside of this village. You approach and he tells you a riddle involving Three Digits. You must then add up each digit, if the resulting number is:

  • Even: you understand the riddle and save the child.
  • Odd: you fail the riddle and the man disappears in front of your eyes taking the child with him.

3. A Shadow Knight, complete with his magic resistant armour, guards this village. He challenges you to single combat. Write for 15 minutes while you fight him.

  • If using a magic staff: your weapon is useless while he wears that armour. Roll a dice:
    • If even: You trick him into taking his helmet off then batter him around the head with your staff. The child escapes with you.
    • If odd: You take a blow to the stomach and lay on the ground winded while the Knight takes the child.
  • If using a sword or bow: you beat him in combat and find the child waiting on the village green.

4. The most beautiful creature you have ever seen stands before this village. Your hormones kick into overdrive and you approach immediately, desire at the forefront of your mind. You are given the option to retire to the bedroom together. Roll a dice:

  • If even: you accept, almost ripping your clothes off in anticipation. You wake up afterwards to find both lover and child gone. Write to the nearest 1000 words while you are...occupied.
  • If odd: you keep control of your lust and politely decline. The creature stands aside and presents you with the child. Do a quick 100 word sprint while you eat a meal.

5. You get halfway through the seemingly empty village when a horde of goblins tumble out of the buildings, all eager to chop you into bite-sized chunks.

  • If using a sword or magic staff: You hack slash and blast your way through the horde to reach the child. Do a Three Digit challenge while you clean all the goblin blood off you.
  • If using a bow: you suddenly find yourself wildly outnumbered with a weapon meant for anything but close quarter combat. Your only option is to barricade yourself into a building and wait for them to lose interest. You also lose the child. Write 500 words while you wait.

6. A necromancer awaits outside of this village, staff at the ready. Upon seeing you he summons a group of skeletons to steal the child. You have a choice:

  • Attack the undead, grab the child and flee before the necromancer has time to summon any more boney minions. Write for 5 minutes while you make your getaway.
  • Attempt to kill the necromancer, effectively banishing the skeletons at the same time, and possibly finding a potion in his pack. Roll the dice:
    • If even: You get in a quick blow and take him out before he can even scream. A potion is in his cloak pocket.
    • If odd: He manages to hold you off while the skele's leg it with the child.

The Castle

  • You've rescued as many children as you could manage and are now taking them back to the king's castle. You take a shortcut through a hedge and come face to face with an enemy scouting party. Roll the dice to find out how many there are then write 100 words for each.
  • Some time later you come across a merchant on the road, the wheel of his cart lying in splinters. You can either:
    • Leave the merchant: carry on towards the castle with the children, you're too tired to help anyone else. Write 200 words while you take a longer route to avoid him.
    • Help the merchant: Write 200 words while you talk to him. Roll the dice:
      • If even: He is incredibly thankful to you for stopping and offers you his horse to help take the children back.
      • If odd: He's actually a spy for the enemy and signals an ambush. Write an extra 200 words while you fight your way through.
  • The castle is in sight, but just as you begin to approach a roar sounds behind you. You turn to see an ogre charging straight for you. You grab the children and sprint towards the gate. Roll the dice and write 100x the number shown as you run for safety. Halve this if you have the merchants horse.
  • At last you and the children are safe. The king is throwing a feast in your honor. Use the following formula to find out how many word you need to write to convince the kingdom of your bravery:
    • (10 - No. of children saved) x100

Congratulations! You are the savior of the kingdom!