Word crawl/Pub Crawl for the Time Crunch

Dragon's Breath Inn: This place lives up to its name; it smells, the owner is determined to take all of the gold from you he can, and it's at least 100 degrees F. 5 minute Word War.

Captain's Daughter: This place is more reasonably priced. Stick around for a 10 minute Word War.

A bar brawl breaks out and you leave before the constable arrives. Sprint to the nearest thousand.

Salty Frog Tavern: There might actually be a few frogs living in here, given the state of the roof and the rain pouring in through the gaping hole in the rafters. 5 minute Word War to get out of there as fast as possible.

The Happy Leopard Pub: You can see why someone would want to stick around here! 15 minute Word War.

The Young Fletcher: A little too buzzed after your last experience, you stumble into this Robin-Hood themed bar where you foolishly agree to see who can shoot an apple off your head. Three digits to escape unscathed.

The Broad Minotaur: Settle in here for a monster-sized meal. 10 minute word war.

The Healthy Wizard Tavern: You have no idea who decided that it was a good idea to mix health food with a bar, but the bartender insists that you do a thousand word sprint to work off your gut before he'll serve you anything.

The Bloated Goat: This pub's name is the most accurate description of how you feel. Slog your way through a 5 minute word war.