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Word crawl/Lord of the Rings Crawl

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Fellowship of the Ring:

A Long-expected Party: Bilbo is celebrating his eleventy-first birthday! Write for 15 minutes while you make all the arrangements for the party.

The Sackville-Bagginses!: Sneak to the nearest 500 words while you wait for them to leave.

A Very Splendid Feast: Do an hour long word war while you do all of that cooking. (Bonus: include an unusual food.)

Bilbo has Disappeared!: Do a Fifty-Headed Hydra (five hundred words in five minutes) as everyone panics. If you fail, write another 300 words while the guests demand to know what happened.

Shadow of the Past: Write 500 words while Gandalf tells Frodo about the Ring (Bonus: include an ancient relic)

The Black Rider: Try to write five hundred words without making a sound on the keyboard, while you hide from the Ringwraith

The Passing Elves: Listen to one of the elvish themes from one of the three LOTR soundtracks and write for the duration of the song.

A Shortcut to Mushrooms: Farmer Maggot helps you AND gives you mushrooms! Get your favorite snack, and then do a five minute word sprint in gratitude.

The Old Forest: Take a ten minute nap, then sprint ten minutes while you try to get away from the trees.

Tom Bombadil: Tom is always singing, so write a song/poem that fits with your story. Otherwise, write 200 words.

he Prancing Pony: Gandalf isn’t here! Roll a six-sided die. Write fifty times that many words, while you look around at everyone in the tavern, and try to figure out what to do next.

Strider: Be wary of strange men, especially after you accidentally put on the Ring! Write 200 words of conversation as you try to figure out who Strider is. (Bonus: have an important character in disguise.)

A Letter from Gandalf: Write for ten minutes as you realize with relief that you can trust Strider.

A Knife in the Dark: Write 300 words while you hide from the Ringwraiths yet again. (Bonus: turn off the lights so that all you can see is your screen. Because hiding.)

Weathertop: After a battle with the Nazgul, Frodo has been stabbed! Fifteen minute word war while you search for Athelas to help him.

Flight to the Ford: Sprint for thirty minutes, trying to reach the ford before the Nazgul catch you! Then refill your glass/bottle of water, since you’re at the river.

Many Meetings: Bilbo is in Rivendell! Write to the nearest 500 words as you talk about everything that has happened to both of you.

The Council of Elrond: Write for an hour as everyone tells their stories.

I Will Take It!: In a sudden burst of determination, do a Fifty-Headed Hydra. Failing that, write another 200 words, while Elrond and Gandalf select the other members of the company. (Bonus: include a character making a hard decision.)

The Ring Goes South: You are leaving the shelter of Rivendell. Write 5% of your current word count (Max 1,000 words) as you prepare and set off.

Caradhras: Fight your way through the storms to the nearest thousand words.

A Journey in the Dark: Wind your way through the twisting tunnels of Moria for 400 words. (Bonus: turn off all the lights again. A small flashlight is okay, because Gandalf did have a staff.)

Bridge of Khazad-Dum: Gandalf has fallen with the Balrog! Go to the “Adoptables” section of the NaNoWriMo forum, and leave a character in one of the character adoptables threads. Then make your escape from the mines.

Lothlorien: Write another 300 words, this time at your own pace, while you tell Galadriel and Celeborn what has happened. Then rest for fifteen minutes, to recover from your journey.

The Mirror of Galadriel: Write for fifteen minutes as you see “things that are, and things that have been. And some things that have not yet come to pass.” (Bonus: include visions of the future.)

Farewell to Lorien: The elves provide you with lembas, rope, cloaks, and boats. Get a snack, then paddle down the river to the nearest 500 words.

The Great River: Awestruck, write for fifteen minutes as the boat carries you past the Argonath. (Bonus: include an ancient, impressive statue.)

The Breaking of the Fellowship: Frodo and Sam must go on alone. Five minute word sprint as they gather their things and set off across the lake.

Two Towers:

The Departure of Boromir: Boromir has died trying to save Merry and Pippin from the Uruk-Hai. Write 400 words as you gather his things and send him off in one of the boats. (Bonus: include a poem/song.)

Forth the Three Hunters: It will be a long chase to catch up with the Uruk-Hai. Gather your thoughts, then do a 45 minute word sprint. (I might be feeling just a little bad about putting two hour-long sprints in Fellowship. :) )

The Riders of Rohan: The Rohirrim tell you that the Uruk-Hai have been killed and give you horses. Write 500 words while you ride to the place they showed you, and realize that Merry and Pippin are not there.

The Uruk-Hai: In the fight between the Rohirrim and the Uruk-Hai, Merry and Pippin took their chance to escape. Rush to the next 500 words while you follow them into Fangorn.

Treebeard: The Ents are real! Five minute word sprint while you convince him that you aren’t orcs.

The White Rider: Gandalf has returned. Go to the “Adoptables” section of the NaNoWriMo forums, find the “character” thread that fits your genre. Adopt a character to replace the one you left at Khazad-Dum. Then do a twenty minute word sprint with your new character while you ride to Edoras.

The King of the Golden Hall: Wormtongue is banished, and the King of the Mark has come forth. But Saruman’s hordes threaten. Write to the nearest thousand while you prepare to flee to the mountains. (Bonus: include an unusual healing for a character.)

Helm’s Deep: The wall is shattered by an explosion! Fight to add another 400 words to keep the Uruk-hai out of the fortress.

Beware the Trees!: As all seems lost, the sun rises, and Gandalf has arrived with Erkenbrand and the Huorns. Write for the duration of the “Helm’s Deep,” “The Hornburg,” and “Forth Eorlingas” soundtracks on the TT soundtrack (or just write for 11:44).

The Road to Isengard: Write 4% of your current wordcount (max 2,000) while Gandalf tells Theoden what to expect when he meets Saruman.

Flotsam and Jetsam: Merry and Pippin are not only alright, but they’re enjoying themselves too! Write to the nearest 400 words while they tell Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli what happened to them. (Bonus: figure out the nearest multiple of 400 WITHOUT using a calculator.)

The Voice of Saruman: Theoden has escaped Saruman’s spell and rebuffed his offer of peace. Fifteen minute word sprint while Saruman is stripped of his power.

The Palantir: Pippin has looked in the palantir thrown by Wormtongue. Write 400 words while Gandalf questions him and tells him that he must not stay in Rohan but must come with him to Gondor.

The Taming of Smeagol: Gollum has followed you, but is willing (under some pressure) to lead you to Mordor. Write for 30 minutes while he leads you through Emyn Muil.

Passage of the Marshes: Write to the nearest five hundred words as you pick your way through the Dead Marshes. (Bonus: write by candle light. Just don’t follow it.)

The Black Gate is Closed: After coming all this way, you can’t go any farther without certain capture and failure. But Gollum knows another way. Fifteen minute word sprint while he tells you the route he wants to take.

Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit: Get some food, then write 200 words of conversation while you try to explain to Faramir why you’re there. (Bonus if the food you ate was stew.)

The Window on the West: You have arrived at Faramir’s camp in time to see the sunset. Write for fifteen minutes while you soak in the beauty of the sunlight coming through the falling water. (Bonus: if you’re doing this part at sunset (or sunrise, I suppose), go outside where you can watch the show while you write.)

The Forbidden Pool: Gollum has followed you and is fishing. Write to the nearest 400 words while you convince Faramir not to kill your guide.

Journey to the Cross-roads: You are setting off again, trying to...simply walk into Mordor. Word war for a half hour while you travel to the Mordor Mountains.

The Stairs of Cirith Ungol: Work your way to 500 more words while you climb up and up and up and up the stairs. (Bonus: add a really long stair.)

Shelob’s Lair: Fifteen minute word war while you battle the giant spider.

The Choices of Master Samwise: Frodo is not dead, but is not in any condition to go anywhere. Do a Fifty-Headed Hydra while you gather the courage to take the Ring and finish the quest.

Return of the King:

Minas Tirith: Gandalf and Pippin have arrived in the City of Kings. Write for a half hour while they talk to Denethor.

The Passing of the Grey Company: Aragorn’s kin have come, and they must take the Paths of the Dead to summon the men of Dunharrow. Add 400 words while they vanish into the mists.

The Muster of Rohan: The beacons are lit, and the Red Arrow has come. Gondor calls for aid, and Rohan will answer! Word war for fifteen minutes as Theoden sends orders to assemble the fighting men.

The Siege of Gondor: The might of Mordor is arrayed against Gondor. Fight to the nearest thousand while you defend Minas Tirith during the night.

The Ride of the Rohirrim: “A sword day, and a red day, ere the sun rises!” Do a Fifty-Headed Hydra as they sweep down the hill to attack the orc armies.

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields: Write a fight scene that is at least 400 words long.

The Pyre of Denethor: Faramir is safe, but Denethor insists on dying. Five minute word sprint while Gandalf sends Faramir to the Houses of Healing.

“No Living Man am I!”: Eowyn confronts the lord of the Nazgul. Roll a six-sided die, multiply that by 100. Write that many words while Eowyn and Merry slay the Ringwraith.

The Houses of Healing: Aragorn is able to save the lives of Faramir, Eowyn, and Merry, but Eowyn is still in despair. Write 300 words. (Bonus: write the scene where your MC is questioning everything.)

The Last Debate: The decision is made to march on the Black Gate. Do a half hour word war while everyone gathers their gear and marches out of Minas Tirith.

The Black Gate Opens: Sauron’s messenger says that Frodo and Sam have been captured, and the Quest of the Ring has failed. Twenty minute word war while Sauron’s armies battle those of Gondor and Rohan.

The Tower of Cirith Ungol: A “great big Elven warrior” is loose and looking for Frodo. Write to the nearest 500 words while you free him and gather what little supplies are to be found.

The Land of Shadow: The land of Mordor is bleak and barren. Do an hour long word war while you make your way across the plains. (Bonus: you’d better have a full water bottle at the beginning of the word war, because you won’t find anywhere to stop and fill it up.)

Mount Doom: At long last, you have reached Mount Doom! But Frodo refuses to give up the ring, and Gollum is attacking him for it. Do a Fifty-Headed Hydra while they fight.

The Field of Cormallen: Frodo and Sam wake up to find that their quest is completed and they are safe. Write 300 words at your own pace, since there is no longer any urgency.

The Steward and the King: At long last, the King of Gondor has returned! Write for the duration of the “Return of the King” track on the ROTK soundtrack (or just write for 10:15).

Many Partings: Aragorn has married Arwen, Minas Tirith is fully restored, and now everyone must go their separate ways. Write for 20 minutes, as everyone says good bye. (Bonus: include two characters parting, never to see each other again.)

Homeward Bound: At last, the four hobbits are on their way home, but it will still be a long journey. Write to the nearest thousand while they travel.

The Scouring of the Shire: Saruman is destroying the Shire! Roll a six-sided die, and write 100 times that many words while you rally the hobbits to overcome his men.

The Grey Havens: The Ring-bearers are leaving Middle-Earth, along with the last of the elves. Write a final 400 words as the hobbits part from each other, and Frodo sails to the Undying Lands.