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Word crawl/Les Miserables Crawl 2

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Act I

Prologue (Look Down): Your time is up and your parole’s begun! Add 24601 to your word count and sprint the last 3 digits.

What Have I Done: Valjean’s life was a war that could never be won, but you can win a 10-minute word war!

At The End of the Day: Your child needs a doctor and there’s no time to lose! Sprint to your next thousand.

I Dreamed A Dream: You dreamed a dream of writing a novel. Write 200 words to make it come true.

Lovely Ladies: Ten francs may save Fantine’s poor Cosette, and ten minutes may make all the difference for your novel. Sprint for ten minutes.

Who am I?: If you stay silent, you are damned! Write 150 words to reveal your true identity.

Fantine’s Death (Come to Me): How fast the minutes fly away, and every minute colder! Sprint for 5 minutes. Record how many words you wrote for later use.

The Confrontation: Confront a friend (or an enemy) to a 5-minute word war.

Castle on a Cloud: Escape to your own castle on a cloud and take a break for the duration of the song.

Master of the House: Here a little slice, there a little cut. Sprint 3% of your current word count for sleeping with the windows shut.

The Waltz of Treachery/ The Bargain: No more words— here’s your price. Word war to 1500 words for your sacrifice.

Stars: Those who falter and those who fall must pay the price! If you lost the word war, write 100 extra words.

Look Down- Beggars: Only one man, and that’s LaMarque, speaks for the people here below. Join him by writing 250 words.

The Robbery/ Javert’s Intervention: Run for it, it’s Javert! Sprint to 200 in 5 minutes.

ABC Cafe/ Red and Black: Who cares about your lonely soul? We strive toward a larger goal! Write 2 times as much as you wrote for “Fantine’s Death.”

Do You Hear The People Sing?: Join in the fight that will give you the right to be free! Engage in a word war of your choice.

In My Life: There are words better unheard, better unsaid. Take a break for at least 10 minutes.

A Heart Full of Love: Won’t you say? Will you tell? Write 200 words to introduce yourself to Marius.

One Day More: Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store! Until then, try for a 50-headed hydra.

Act II

On My Own: “But I know--it’s only in my mind…” Put your thoughts on paper instead and sprint for 15 minutes.

Building the Barricade (Upon These Stones): You at the barricade listen to this! Do 3 rounds of 100-word sprints—or DIE!

Little People: Bravo, little Gavroche, you’re the top of the class! Write 200 words to congratulate the youngest revolutionary.

Little Fall of Rain: Now write 200 words to heal Eponine’s wounds with words of love.

The First Attack: It’s the revolutionaries against the French army! Choose your side in a 20-minute word war.

Drink With Me: Write 100 words as you toast days gone by.

Bring Him Home: "Let him rest, heaven blessed." Take a quick break.

The Second Attack/ Death of Gavroche: Fight like twenty armies and don’t give up— push yourself and write to the end of the scene you’re on.

Dog Eat Dog (The Sewers): “Another hour yet, and then I’m yours, and all our debts are paid.” Try to write 1K in that hour.

Javert’s Suicide: It is either Valjean or Javert! Do a 5-minute word war to determine the victor.

Turning: Did you see them going off to fight? Clean up the barricades by proofreading your last chapter/scene and correcting any mistakes.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: Help Marius deal with the loss of his friends by writing 200 words.

Beggars at the Feast: Sprint to your next thousand to get to Valjean before he dies.

Epilogue: Somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see? Too bad—you have a novel to finish! See how much you can write in 30 minutes.