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Word crawl/Les Miserables Crawl 1

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Les Miserables:

Look Down: Work hard with the other convicts. 25 minute word war as long as you can

The Bishop: Take a ten minute break for food, only to steal away 200 words in ten minutes. If failed, repeat until you reach 600

Valjeans Soliquoy: Have some reflection time. Write 150 at your own pace.

At the end of the day: Work work work, that’s all it ever is. At the end of a word you’re another day closer. Write your quota of 250 words in twenty minutes or less. If failed, keep going until you do, or when you double that.

Lovely Ladies: Quickly do a 10 minute word war to get away from the docks as quickly as you can. Rest for five minutes, but don’t get distracted. No one can be trusted.

I Dreamed a Dream: Roll a die, add ten, and set your heart on that. Write for that amount of time with as much emotional fervor as you can. Rest for two minutes as you bemoan your life

Who am I? No second guessing! This is your novel! Write for 20 minutes as determined as you can with NO BACKSPACING.

Fantines death: Rest for five minutes, write for five, rest for five. Mourn.

The Confrontation: Word war a friend or yourself for 25 intense minutes. You better beat them! If you do, congratulations, you can rest for five as you travel. If you don’t, write the amount of words you wrote again.

Castle on a Cloud: Straighten your writing space, before getting caught lollygagging and then write 150+ words for the ten minute walk into the woods. If you fail, keep going until you do, or reach 400.

Master of the House: Rest while you prepare for 3 minutes. But then, there are guests to be robbed! Write at a steady pace until you reach 150 words of stolen items

The Bargain: How much have you written so far? If it’s over 2000, you have paid for Cosette and you can rest now and buy her a doll for 5-10 minutes. If only over 1000 or under, you must write for ten minutes with no break

Suddenly: Write 150 words on the carriage ride

The Convent: You’re safe for now. Rest for 3 minutes, then write at your own pace until you reach 200

Stars: You are a motivated human. Roll a dice, multiply by 10, add 200 more, then write that amount with determination! There, out in the darkness, your word goal is waiting. (For example: Roll a 6? 6x10=60. 60+200=260)

Look Down/Paris: There’s a revolution brewing. Word war a friend or yourself for 20 minutes. You must reach a minimum of 350 words (all the citizen you have motivated with your words), and if you haven’t keep writing until you reach 600.

Abc café: It’s time for motivation. You have a 25 minute break, in which you MUST motivate two of your fellow nano-ers, and receive some motivation yourself from the nano pep-talks or site.

Do you hear the people sing? Now it’s time to get back into that REVOLUTION SPIRIT. Do you hear the words being written?? Amp yourself up, put on a timer, and write for twenty minutes as fast as you can.

In my life: Contemplate existence for two minutes, write for five

A heart full of love: Remind yourself of your goal. Remind yourself why you love this story. Remind yourself why this is important.

One day more: Pretend it’s the last day of Nano. Write like crazy for 15 minutes.

On my own: Close down any social media you might have open. Turn off your phone. Write steadily for 25-30 minutes, or until you have rounded your word goal to the next thousand. You must write a minimum of 300.

Little People: Little steps. Rest for 2 minute, write for 5, rest for 2, write for five. Rest for five minutes.

The First Attack: Sprint for ten minutes, spilling as many words as you can. If you reach 400 congratulations, no one died. Except Eponine. If you failed, keep going until you write 800.

A Little Fall of Rain: Rest. Your best friend is dying, you can break for a bit. But only five minutes, then there’s a revolution to be run! Funerals can wait.

Drink with me: Get yourself a beverage of your choice, then go send another encouraging note to a friend. Sprint for five minutes.

Bring him Home: Bring that word count home! Take the last digit of your current word count, multiply by 100 and write. (For example: last digit is 4? Write 400)

The Second Attack: Oh dear. Word sprint for 20 minutes.

The Final battle: This is it. Write until the last 3 digits of your word count double. (For example. Last three digits of word count are 346? Write until it’s 692)

Dog Eats Dog: Check out the last two digits of a buddies word count, and sprint for that amount of minutes.

Javerts Suicide: You must be exhausted. Don’t give up! Rest for ten minutes, but don’t jump of anything.

Turning: Reflect the many words you have written. Sprint for 5 minutes

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: Write until you the last three digits of your word count are “000” Get it? Empty numbers? I’m clever.

Valjeans Confession: Brag to a friend at how well you’ve done, then sprint for 15 minutes.

Beggars at the Feast: Use some trickery. Cover your word count with a sticky note on your screen and write as fast as you can for twenty minutes. You may be surprised.

Epilogue: Take off the sticky note, celebrate. Break for half an hour. But it’s not over yet. Sprint till you round your count to the next thousand.

Do you hear the word count rise?