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Word crawl/Labyrinth Word Crawl

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This is a long crawl. It is over seven hours at a maximum. You can gain wishes which grant do overs or the ability to skip challenges. You can also earn the ability to change your direction. While it may seem like slower typers are being punished for not being fast enough, the reason for the extra work is to build numbers, which is the point of every crawl.

“Say your right words,” the goblins said.

You’ve heard the story growing up about what happens to naughty children and of course you’ve never believed it, but you always felt as if it was a good threat.

After a day of babysitting your baby brother, you are totally tempted to send the brat to the Goblin King since he pretty much is a monster already, no one would notice. But then he up and did it. He kicked the computer cord from the wall after you had yelled at him for a dozen times over the last hour to stay out from behind the desk. And now you have just lost the last chapter of your Nano novel.

Frustrated, you stand up and up and say the words that have been on your mind all day. “I wish the goblins would come and take you away. Right now!” The lights flicker and then go out and when they come back on, the boy is gone and the Goblin King stands before you in all his glory.

Visions of prison…and angry parents, flash in your mind as you realize that the stories were true and you just made the little snot disappear. “I didn’t mean it. I have to have my brother back. Where is he?”

“You know very well where he is. He’s there. In my castle.” The office has disappeared and you are suddenly standing on a hill overlooking a vast labyrinth with a palace set in the middle.

“Is that the castle, beyond the goblin city?”

“Do you still want to look for him?”

“It doesn’t look that far.”

“It’s further than you think, time is short. You have 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth before your baby brother becomes one of us, forever. Such a pity.”

You descend the hill to the labyrinth wall but an entry way is not immediately apparent. You notice a dwarf relieving himself in a fountain and wait for him to finish before asking his help.

1. Do a five minute sprint while you wait to set your speed.

50-200 words

201-400 words

400 words and above

The dwarf finishes his business and has gone back to spraying the fairies that have infiltrated his hedges. As a pretty little fairy drops to the ground you cry out in disgust. “You’re horrible.”

“No I’m not, I’m Hoggle.”

2. You bend over and pick up the fairy as she looks up at you pleadingly. Do a ten minute word war or sprint.

Less than 400 words: You are bitten by the fairy and must continue typing until you reach 500 words.

More than 400 words: The fairy grants you a wish of a do over or skip for a later task.

Hoggle laughs as the fairy flitters off. “Shows what you know.” You decide to ask him how to get into the labyrinth since no other help is evident. “Do you know where the door is?”


“Where is it?”


“The door.”

“What door?”

“It’s impossible asking you anything.”

“Not if you ask the right question.”

3. You puzzle out what question to ask. Do a one minute sprint.

Less than 30 words: You ask the wrong question and must try again. (Maximum of three tries before you figure out the right question).

More than 30 words: “How do I get into the labyrinth?”

“Ah. You gets in there.” He waves his arm and a door opens. You step into the door and are presented with two options. “Now. Would you go left or right?”

“They both look the same.”

“Well you’re not going to get very far.”

“Which way would you go?”

“Me, I wouldn’t go either.”

4. First major decision. Do a thirty minute word war or sprint. Remember which direction you go.

Less than 1000: Go right.

More than 1000: Go left.

You pick a direction and start moving, but after walking, then running for several minutes, you feel as if you are not getting anywhere. The passage just keeps going on straight. You sit down and take a breather and are brought out of your musings from a voice at your side. A little worm appears to be speaking to you and so you ask his advice.

“I have to solve this Labyrinth but there aren’t any holes or openings, it just goes on and on.”

“You’re not looking right. It’s full of openings. There’s one just across from you.”

“It’s just a wall.”

“You try walking through it, you’ll see what I mean.”

5. You take the worm’s advice and discover that there is an opening, or rather two.

If you went Right: 15 minute sprint.

Less than 500 words: Go left.

More than 500 words: Go right.

If you went Left: Three headed hydra.

If you fail: Go left.

If you succeed: Go right.

The path leads you into what looks more like a labyrinth and you start moving, taking turns here and there pretty much at random, trying to keep the palace within view at all times. After coming to a dead end, you decide to look in your pocket to see if there is something inside that you can use to mark your path so that you are not going in circles.

6. Do a sprint to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViftZTfRSt8 (Dance Magic Dance) as you search your pockets for something useful.

Less than 100 words: All you come up with in lint.

Between 101 -200: You find something to mark your path with, giving you the ability to change a direction later.

More than 201: You find some fairy dust and get a wish. A do over to use later.

You continue on, taking random turns. Once more you find yourself at a dead end. When you turn around and try to back track, you find someone has been changing your marks. How unfair! A voice speaks up behind you. “That’s right. It’s not fair. But that’s only half of it.” When you turn you find two doors guarded by two odd creatures.

“This was a dead end a minute ago.”

“No, that’s the dead end behind you.”

“It keeps changing, what am I supposed to do?”

“The only way is to try one of these doors. One of them leads towards the castle and the other one leads to certain death.”

“How do I choose?”

“You can only ask one of us. But one of us always lies and one of us always tells the true?”

7. You stop to consider which one to ask and what exactly to ask him.

If you went left: Sprint to your next 1000. If it is…

Less than 500 words: Choose Red

More than 500 words: Choose Blue

If you went right: Hour of power.

Less than 1000 words: Choose Red

More than 1000 words: Choose Blue

You pick a door, confident that you asked the right question and figured out the riddle, until three steps later and the ground opens up beneath you. You are falling but your fall is stopped by hands which are coming out of the wall and holding onto you. This is a bit awkward to say the least. But then they start forming faces and talking.

“Which way? Up or down? Come on, come on, we haven’t got all day.”

“I guess since I’m pointed that way, I’ll go down.”

“She chose down?”

“Was that wrong?”

“Too late now.”

8. You drop down into a deep dark oubliette. Sprint for five minutes without looking at your screen.

Less than 250 words: It is still dark. Sprint for two more minutes. Gain a direction change.

Between 250-400 words: The lights come up.

More than 401: There is a fairy flitting about when the lights up and she grants a wish of a do over.

The light comes up and Hoggle is there. “I knew you’d be trouble so I came to lend you a hand. I suppose you’ve notice, there ain’t no door. It just so happens that I know a short cut, out of the whole labyrinth from here.”

“I’m not giving up. I’ve come too far.”

“It gets a lot worse from here on in.”

“If you help me solve the Labyrinth, I’ll give you this.”

9. You reach into your pocket. Do a one minute sprint to see what was in your pocket.

Less than 30: You find a silver dollar and some fairy dust and get a wish of a do over or skip.

Between 30-60: You find a plastic bracelet. Gain a direction change

More than 61: You find a rubber chicken. (What large pockets you must have).

“I’ll tell you what, you give me that, and I’ll lead you out of the labyrinth.”

“You were going to do that anyway.”

“That’s what will make it a particularly nice gesture on your part.”

“No, you know what, if you can’t take me to the center, than take me as far as you can.”

Hoggle moves some stuff aside and opens a hidden door into creepy underground passageways. As you walk, stone statues begin to speak, warning you not to go on. “Pay no attention to them, they’re just false alarms. You get a lot of them, especially when you are on the right track.”

A glass ball suddenly rolls across the floor past you and as you follow it, you find yourself in the presence of what appears to be an old beggar but as he stands, he turns into the Goblin King. “How are you enjoying my labyrinth?”

“It’s a piece of cake.”

“Really? Well how about upping the stakes.”

10. A clock appears on the wall counting down the time left. The Goblin King holds out his hand and the hand begin to advance. Do a 20 minute sprint or word war to determine how much time advances.

Less than 500: 5 hours advance.

Between 500-750: 4 hours advance.

More than 751: 3 hours advance.

11. You need to get these hours back. Do a five minute sprint for every hour lost.

The clock advances forward. “It’s not fair.”

“You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is. So you say the labyrinth is a piece of cake. Let’s see how you deal with this little slice.” The Goblin King takes a glass ball and throws it down the tunnel and it turns into a drill type machine.

“Oh no! The cleaner. The bog of stench. You sure got his attention.”

The Goblin King has vanished and Hoggle turns to run away from the approaching machine and you run with him until there is a grate blocking the path. Hoggle turns to the nearest wall and starts pushing at it. Together, you knock the wall down just before the cleaner passes behind you. In front of you is a ladder. You leave the tunnels below and come out in the center of a hedge maze.

12. You find an old dwarf who appears to be wearing a living bird as a hat. Do you ask for his help in solving the labyrinth?

If you picked the Red Door: 3 digit challenge.

If you picked the Blue Door: Roll a dice and multiply by 200 and type that many words.

You ask the old man for his advice. “Sometimes it seems like you are not getting anyway, when in fact, you are.”

“Well, I’m not getting anywhere at the moment.”

“Heh, join the club.” The hat says in return. The old dwarf has fallen asleep, leaving you with questions unanswered. “I think that’s your luck. Please, little contribution in the little box.”

You and Hoggle continue on through the hedge maze. Somewhere close by, there is the sound of galloping. A moment later you hear the growling of some great beast. Hoggle takes off. “Well, I’m not afraid. Things aren’t always what they seem in this place.”

You round a corner and find a giant beast hanging tied upside down while goblin soldiers are attacking him with strange looking staffs. If you had something to throw, you could distract the soldiers.

13. Do a five minute sprint as you look around for something to throw.

Less than 250: You find a stick shaped like an arrow. A direction change you can use later.

Between 251-400: You find a fairy. You get a wish of a do over or skip.

More than 401: You find a rock.

Your efforts succeed and the goblin soldiers run off and you approach the great growling and thrashing beast. “Stop that. Is that any way to treat someone who is trying to help you?”

“Ludo, down.”

“Ludo. Is that your name? You certainly seem like such a nice beast. I certainly hope you are what you seem.” You manage to get Ludo down without incident but he doesn’t know the way through the Labyrinth either. Once more there is a dead end in every direction except one and you are left facing two wooden doors with large ugly door knockers. “What do you think, Ludo, which one of these ugly characters should we choose?”

“It’s very rude to stare.” The knocker with the ring going through his ears says.

“Sorry, I was just wondering what door to choose. “


The other knocker with the ring in his mouth mumbles something in return. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” The knocker mumbles again.

You remove the ring from his mouth and he sighs with relief. “Where do these doors lead?”

“Search me, we’re just the knockers.”

You push against the door. “How does it open?”

“Knock and the door will open.” You put the ring back in the knocker’s mouth and step back to decide which door to open.

14. Do an Hour of Power while you consider your options.

Less than 1000: Go left.

More than 1000: Go right.

The door swings open and you and Ludo walk into what appears to be a forest. “Ludo scared.”

“Imagine a big thing like you being scared.”

When you turn around, Ludo is gone and you are alone. There is some movement and sound and a moment later you are surrounded by a group of strange looking pink creatures. They invite you to dance with them but they are a little strange and you got other places to be.

15. Do a sprint to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsXtU0rZkAQ to escape from the Fire Gang.

Less than 150: “Like your mom said, don’t lose your head.” You didn’t make it. Sprint to 500.

Between 151-300: You start grabbing and tossing heads. Slipping away in the chaos.

More than 301: You dance with them, impressing them with your dance skills. Earn free direction change.

You thought you gave the Fire Gang the slip but they are running after you and you find yourself at a dead end. “An ear, take off an ear.” “You don’t need two ears.” A rope drops down from above. When you look up, Hoggle is there. You grab the rope and start to climb.

16. Find a friend and complete a word war for 5-15 minutes.

If you win: You make it up the rope.

If you lose: You fall and must try again. (Max of two losses).

At the top of the cliff, you show your gratitude to Hoggle with a kiss, which causes a trap door to open and the both of you to fall. You slide through the trap door and manage to catch yourself before falling too far. You find yourself on a ledge over some sort of bog or swamp and the scent is just overpowering. “Oh my god, what is it?”

“It’s the Bog of Eternal Stench.”

“I’ve never smelt anything like it. It’s like…Like…”

“It doesn’t matter what it’s like. It’s the Bog of Eternal Stench. You step in it and you’ll smell like that forever.”

The two of you inch along the ledge, but it crumbles beneath your feet and you fall, landing on top of Ludo. Once everyone has been introduced, you look for a way out of the smelly place and spot a bridge. The three of you make your way in that direction and are about to cross when a dog dressed as a knight blocks your path. “We have to get across.”

“Without my permission, none may cross.”

17. Do you reason with him and ask permission or do you fight him?

If you went left: Sprint to your next 1000

If it is less than 500: You fight him. Sprint to 500 to fight your way past.

If it is more than 500: You ask permission and are granted passage.

If you went right: Three Headed Hydra

If you lose: You fight him. Sprint to 500 to fight your way past.

If you win: You ask permission and are granted passage.

The dog introduces himself as Sir Didymus and asks to join your quest. You start to cross the creaky bridge, moving carefully. “Have no fear. This bridge has lasted for a thousand years.” Suddenly, the bridge starts to collapse beneath your weight. Thinking quickly, you reach up and grab a branch before you end up in the bog of stench. But now what?

18. Take the last two digits of your current word count, then add a zero to the end and sprint to that amount while awaiting help. Note, if your last two numbers are 01-09, sprint to 300.

Ludo begins to howl. Sir Didymus looks over to him. “Canst thou sit there and howl when yon friend needs help?” But Ludo’s howls summons a large boulder, which rolls into the bog and comes to a rest beneath your swaying feet. You let go of the branch and drop to the rock as more rocks and boulders emerge from the bog to form a bridge. “Rocks friends.”

Everyone crosses the bridge, Sir Didymus astride his steed, Ambrosius, and the group heads out of the bog and through a forest. You have been traveling for hours without any rest or food and your stomach is growling. “We can’t stop now but maybe we can find some berries or something.”

“Here.” Hoggle offers you a peach and your stomach growls as you take it from his hand. You take a bite and the world starts to swim. You find yourself suddenly trapped inside of some kind of dream. You are at a masquerade and everyone is dancing. You are torn between wanting to dance and wanting to escape because there is some place you must be.

19. Do a sprint to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppuD1St8Ec.

Less than 250: You have got caught up in the dance and must try again.

More than 250: You have shattered the dream and escaped.

You are falling through the air and land in a junk yard, alone and disoriented. You remember nothing. The peach is still in your hand and a worm crawls out of it. You toss it aside and start to get up. “Oh, my back.” A form emerges from the pile of junk you leaned against to get up. “Why don’t you look where you are going?”

“I was looking.”

“And where you going?”

“I…don’t remember.”

“You can’t look where you are going if you don’t know where you are going.”

“I was searching for something.”

The woman holds your copy of No Plot? No Problem. “Is this what you were looking for?” You had been looking for that for months. The woman leads you to a pile of junk and holds back a curtain and there is your office, computer booted and running and your novel is there. You sit down in front of the computer and suddenly you figured out how to fill that gaping plot hole and you start to get lost in the story.

20. Do a thirty minute sprint as you get lost in filling in the plot hole.

Less than 1000: Your MMC dies in the process.

More than 1000: Your FMC dies in the process.

The hag enters just as you are in the thick of the story. You close the document and on your background you see the family photo from your last birthday and you suddenly remember why you are here. You have to save your little brother. You escape the garbage and find Ludo and Sir Didymus waiting and you are right outside the goblin city.

There is a guard standing outside the city gates but he seems to be asleep. While Sir Didymus does not want to go quietly, you manage to get into the city without waking the guard. However, as you approach the inner gate, the massive door starts to close and when the two sides come together, there is a giant armored knight. He steps out of the door and grabs a battle axe. You cannot retreat as large spikes pop up behind you, blocking any escape.

21. The axe swings back and forth and you dodge the wicked blade. Do a five minute sprint or word war while you avoid being cut in half.

Less than 250: No aid comes. Sprint 250 and hope someone comes to your aid.

More than 250: You manage to avoid the axe.

Hoggle appears on the wall and jumps on top of the knight, rips his helmet off and finds that it is really a giant robot. He removes the goblin driving it and takes over steering. He manages to get the axe stuck in the wall and shorts out the robot. All is forgiven and you and your troupe continue into the goblin city.

The city is quiet and sleepy as you approach the palace. You see no one, until you reach the steps. Then hundreds of goblins appear. It is all out war as you and your friends try to escape.

22. Battle rages on. Roll a dice. Then do 15 minute sprints or word wars for each number you roll. Less than 1000: Escape into a house.

More than 1000: Duck down behind a fountain.

As you find a place to hide, Ludo calls the rocks once more. Boulders of all sizes pour into the goblin city and chaos ensues. In the disorder, you and your group get past the goblins and up the palace steps. You say goodbye to your friends. “I must face him alone.”

“If that is the way it is done, then that is the way it must be done. But should you need us…”

“I’ll call.”

You walk up the steps and open the door to find yourself in an MC Escher painting. Stairways going every which way. And across the way, there is the boy. You start making your way over to him.

23. Do a sprint to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ9BHGX58vQ as you make your way over the crazy stairways.

Less than 250: You keep missing the boy as he moves away from you. Continue until you get 500 words.

More than 250: You successfully navigate the stairwells until you are just above your brother as time ticks down.

You are one level above the child as time ticks down towards the thirteenth hour. There is no time to continue chasing him about. You jump. Suddenly you are falling slowly as the world starts to fall apart. You are once more face to face with the Goblin King.

“Give me the child.”

“Beware, I have been generous up until now, but I can be cruel.”

“Generous, what have you done that was generous?”

“Everything. Everything that you have wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken, I took him. You cowered before me. I was frightening. I have altered time. I have turned my world upside down and I have done it all for you. I am exhausted living up to your expectations.”

24. Time is ticking down. Do you believe his words? Now that you are here, how do you get your brother back? Do a ten minute word war or sprint.

Less than 500: You have come so far. Roll a dice and multiply that by your last two numbers and sprint to that number.

More than 500: You are almost there. Sprint to your next 1000.

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way to the palace, beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my Kingdom is as great.”

25. The clock is ticking down and suddenly you can’t remember the last part of the story. The Goblin King sees you stutter and attempts to persuade you give up. Do a one minute sprint.

It comes to you as the clock begins to chime. “You have no power over me.”

You are suddenly back home. Sitting at your computer, staring at your word document. The adventure over and another five thousand words added in a haze. You go upstairs and check your brother’s room to find him asleep and safe. Was it all just a dream?