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Word crawl/It's Your Lucky Day Crawl

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This word crawl is all about the luck of the draw. How lucky are you? (Hint: more luck = more words!) This is the first crawl I've made, so please let me know how you like it, or if you have any questions. Good luck!

Wake Up!: You wake up and look over at the clock. That can't be right. Write as many words as the time you woke up today. Use a 24-hour clock such that 7:30am = 730 words and 1:15pm=1,315 words.

Is it the wee hours of the morning and you haven't gone to bed yet? Beginner's luck: Write as many words as the current time right now instead.

Take a Shower: Once you stretch and rub the goop out of your eyes, you head to the bathroom to get ready. How long did you spend in the shower this morning? Or were you soaking in a bubble bath last night instead? Either way, write for that many minutes (an estimate is fine).

Can't remember the last time you bathed? I guess we're just lucky we can't smell you from here! Write for 20 minutes (and then go take a shower, please!)

Morning Drink: You sit down at your computer with your favorite morning beverage. How many caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, red bulls, cokes, etc.) have you had in the last 24 hours? Multiply by 100, and write that many words.

Do you abstain from caffeine or can't keep track? Well, aren't you lucky: Write 750 words.

Any New Posts?: Head to the forums to check your watched threads and see if you have any new messages in your NaNo mailbox. Flip a coin.

If it's heads, write the number of posts you have

Under 25? Write 250 words.

Over 1000? Divide by 10 first.

If it's tails, write the last three digits of the number of people on the forums right now (scroll to the bottom of this page and look under 'Who's online').

Get the Mail: You go outside and fish around in your actual mailbox, but there's nothing there. Write the first three digits of your street number.

If you're an apartment dweller, you luck out: Add your apartment number to this amount, ignoring any letters.

Water the Plants: Some of your potted plants are starting to look a little neglected as the month progresses. Write for 5 minutes for each plant in your house. If you're a plant aficionado, just count all of the plants in the room/area of your choice.

Black thumb? Lucky you: Write for 15 minutes.

Check the Weather: Before you head out the door, you look at today's forecast to see whether or not you need to grab a coat. What's the outside temperature where you are? Multiply by 10 and write that many words.

0 degrees or below? Chilly, but still lucky: Bundle up and write 650 words.

The Commute: You get in the car so you can beat the traffic. Check your odometer and write the last three numbers shown.

Has it rolled over past 100k? What luck! Write another 500 words.

Don't drive? No car? Use the first three digits of the per unit price of gas where you live instead ($2.49/gallon = 249 words).

Go to Work: It's time to put your nose to the grindstone. How many hours are you scheduled to work this week? Write for that many minutes.

Are you a student? Write for 5 minutes for every period in your school day or each class you are enrolled in, on top of the time you already picked up for any job you might have.

No job or school? You lucky rascal, you! With all of that "free time," you can surely spare 1 full hour to write.

Get Groceries: After a long day, you swing by the store to grab a few essentials and decide to get a treat for yourself. Pick something delicious out of your pantry. Now write as many words as there are calories in one serving.

Are you writing where there's no food at hand or on a diet this month? A stroke of luck: Write 350 words.

Checkout: As your groceries are being scanned, you choose a lottery ticket and have the cashier pick your numbers for you. Have someone pick a number between 5-50 without telling them why, then write for that many minutes.

If no one's around, in-person or otherwise, you're one lucky writer: Write for 30 minutes.

Nightcap: You sit down with a big glass or mug of the relaxing beverage of your choice. As your favorite show starts, you decide to play a drinking game for fun. Write 60 words for every TV episode or movie you've watched today.

Have you been too busy writing to watch anything? That's what I call lucky: Write 600 words.

Big Winner: As you're watching TV, the lottery numbers come up on the screen and they look familiar. You pull your crumpled ticket from your pocket and see that you've won! You can't believe your luck. Write to the next palindrome. (A list of the first 2,000 is here [[1]], for reference.)

Celebration!: You go to collect your winnings and find out there's been a mistake. They accidentally added an extra zero to your check, and you get to keep it. Talk about lucky! Write 1% of your total word count.