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Word crawl/Hunger Games Crawl

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Fair warning: this is designed to be a brutal crawl. It's the Hunger Games, after all.


  • Reaping Day: It's that time of year again. Head over to the District Square and try not to think about your chances. Do a three minute sprint. The number of words you manage is the number of times your name is in the Reaping bowl.
  • Goodbye: Well, it seems the odds weren't in your favor. You're now a tribute for your district. Do another three minute sprint to say goodbye to your friends and family -- you're probably not coming back.
  • Train Ride: What district are you from, again? Go to a random number generator (like this one) and get a number from 1 to 12. Sprint that many hundred words to show some district pride! For example, district 1 sprints 100, district 2 sprints 200, etc.
    • Optional: If you sprint a thousand times your district number, you have useful survival skills already, and will have a definite edge in the arena. You can do-over one challenge that you fail without losing.


  • Opening Ceremonies: Your stylist has some...interesting ideas about your chariot costumes. You have a half hour to reach your district goal (district number x 100). If you succeed, everyone loves your costumes and can't stop talking about your style. Gain one do-over. If you fail, you look ridiculous, but you won't be penalized...yet.
  • Training Days: You have three days to train your body and mind for the arena. Sprint to the nearest thousand to round out your skills.
  • Private Session: Time to face the judges. You have 15 minutes to put down as many words as you can. Round down to the nearest hundred -- that's your training score. 1-3 will receive a penalty: you get no bonus from the interview section below. 4-6 receive nothing. 7-9 get one do-over. 10-12 get two do-overs.
  • Interview: Wow, you look fantastic! Time to woo the crowd. Sprint to the end of the scene you're on. Take a free do-over as well. Caesar really brings out everyone's best side.


  • Hovercraft: You're flying blind -- the Capitol doesn't want anyone to see the arena yet. Type for ten minutes with your eyes shut.
  • Launch: You're on your pedestal. Enjoy your last moments of relative safety. You have one minute to reach 50 words. If you fail, you twitch nervously, step off your plate too early, and get blown to smithereens. Game over.
  • Bloodbath: Do you stay and fight for your supplies, or do you grab what you can and run? If you do the former, do a #1k30min (to put it in Twitter parlance). Succeed, and you get a do-over. If you do the latter, you have an hour. Fail either task and another tribute kills you. Game over.
  • Day 2: You've survived one day, but it's only going to get harder from here on out. The Capitol decides you're being boring today and sends a Fifty-Headed Hydra your way. 500+ words in 5 minutes, the sponsors are impressed. You get a do-over. If not, you are badly wounded. Double your next word count goal, and try to do 250 in five minutes. If you succeed, you live with your penalty. If not, you succumb to the poison. Game over.
  • Day 3: If you have a do-over to burn, skip this challenge. If not, you're running out of water and need to find some -- fast. Write 100 words and roll a six-sided die. If you get a one, you find water and succeed. If you don't, write 200 and roll again. Same odds. Repeat until you hit 1000. If you haven't gotten water by then, you die of dehydration. Game over.
  • Day 4: You've been spotted by a vicious tribute. Get ready to run. Word War with someone for 10 minutes. If you win, you get away. If you lose, well. I'm sure you can figure out what happens. Game over.
  • Day 5: It's slow today, for some reason. This can't be good. Nevertheless, enjoy a brief rest by writing for three hours without a goal.
  • Day 6: It was quiet yesterday because the Capitol poured acid rain in a part of the arena that you weren't in. Good call. You stumble across the body of a fellow tribute who wasn't as lucky. Do a Three Digits challenge in half an hour. If you succeed, you find lots of supplies on her and gain a do-over. If you fail, all her items were eaten away by acid. Oh well, at least you aren't dead.
  • Day 7: This is it. You've made it to the end of the games. Only one tribute stands between you and victory. Word War with someone for an hour, with this Epic Music in the background. Winner takes all.

If you win, congratulations! You survived, and probably have a substantial portion of your novel written. If not, don't feel bad. We salute you for taking on this monstrous challenge. And hey -- you can always try again. :)

May the odds be ever in your favor!