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Word crawl/High School Crawl

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THE EVIL CRAWL OF DOOM (Also known as: The Highschool Crawl)

This crawl was made to challenge those who have an easy time with the crawls that are already existing. If you wish to do this crawl but you aren’t such a good typist, feel free to set your own goals. But don’t forget to make it challenging!

MORNING: Oh no! You wake up late and missed your bus. Sprint 1,000 words as you scramble to get ready and run to school.

THE BELL: You walk into school just as the tardy bell rings! Roll a dice and sprint 1000x that number while you try to explain why you were late. » -If you do it in under an hour, then congrats, she lets you off with a warning and you don’t have detention! » -If it takes you an hour or longer, you have detention. (See end of crawl)

FIRST PERIOD; ENGLISH: Embarrassed with being late, you slide into your seat and try to be good for the rest of the period. The entire class groans as your teacher announces that you have to do an essay on two famous poets. Sprint to the nearest 10,000 while you do research and start your essay for the last part of the period.

SECOND PERIOD; SPANISH: You have a test today and in your rush to get ready this morning, you left your notes sitting on the coffee table at home! Sprint 2,500 words while you quickly try to convince your friend to let you copy your notes.

THIRD PERIOD; MATH: Today you’re learning how to multiply polynomials using the FOIL method. It’s a long and tiring process, but at least it’s something that you understand. Write to the nearest thousand at your own pace.

FOURTH PERIOD; SOCIAL STUDIES: Today you’re learning about Ancient Rome. You’re supposed to watch a video and take down notes. Do five song wars while you try to keep up with what the video is saying.

LUNCH: Ah, dang it! You forgot your lunch at home, too! Do 15 100 word sprints while you manage to convince your friends to give you some food.

FIFTH PERIOD: CHEMISTRY: Today you guys are working in the lab. Participate in an hour long word war.

-If you get 5,000 words or above, congrats, you managed not to blow stuff up! -If you get below 5,000 words, then you messed around and something exploded. As a punishment, sprint 2,500 words, and you have gained detention.

SIXTH PERIOD; PE: You guys are running a mile on the track today. The average time for running a mile is 12 minutes, so you have that long to sprint to 1,000 words. If you fail, repeat this challenge until you succeed.

SEVENTH PERIOD; ART: Alas, the last period of the day. You are able to wind down by painting whatever you like. Just because I’m finally going to be nice, write 500 words at a leisurely pace.

Detention: If you got detention in this crawl, you must do this round. If you got it more than once, do this challenge however many times you received it. You slowly head to the detention room. Sprint to the nearest 5,000 (Eg 15,000, 55,000, 20,000 etc) while you wait for the time to be up.

Homework: Finally! The school day is over and you are back home. Unfortunately, you have loads of homework waiting to be done! Write for three hours as you do your best to finish all of it. If you write over ten thousand words, you finish it all on time without stressing. If you write less than that, hurry to write another 1,000 to get it all done before bed!