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Word crawl/Halloween Crawl 2

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Wake up: it's Halloween today, scariest day of the year. Getting out of bed and into the shower to get ready for the day. There are so many things to be done before the big bash you are hosting that night, lollies, decorations, gotta make food and pick up your costume. Getting out of the shower, you dress in something casual and start your busy day. Write 500 words while you make a list of things you need.

Shopping: you hit the shops, looking at the list in you hand and cringe, "why did I leave this til the last minute?" You ask yourself. Over in the decorating section, you see they are nearly out of all decorations. Write 300 words while you freak out about what to do next.

-write to the nearest 1000, if you decide to drive to the other stores in the area to see if they have decorations.

-if they do, excellent! Now spend 10 minutes @ own pace to get home.

-if no shop in town has decorations, drive to the next town. Write total birthday. For example: 6/12/1972 is 6+12+1972 and write the total.

Food: now that you have your decorations, you can get your food, write for 20 minutes while you search the shopping mall for the ingredients and lollies.

Home: now you are at home, it is 10am and you've spent 2 hours looking for things. Prepare the kitchen and decorations. Write to the nearest 100 while you unpack everything.

Cooking: ok now that everything is unpacked, you can get started on prepping the food. Turn on the oven and grab all the equipment you will need - sprint 5 minutes.

- once you are ready, if it takes less then 2 hrs and doesn't blow up in your face, you can take a break and write @ own pace for 30 minutes.

- if it takes longer then 2 hrs and blows up in your face, sprint for 20 minutes while you clean and start again. Having successfully created your snacks, put them in the fridge until the party and take a break and write @ own pace for 20 minutes.

Decorating: now that the food is all done, you begin to hang the decorations outside, inside and on the ceiling. There is so much decoration to be done so you call your best friend for help.

- if he/she agrees, then write 500 words as you split the load between you.

-if he/she can't make it, then roll up your sleeves and write 1000 words @ own pace to complete it all.

Dressing up: now everything is ready, go upstairs to where your choice of outfits are:

-if you choose something scary: write 350 words.

-if you choose something sexy: sprint 15 minutes.

-if you choose something happy: sprint 25 minutes.

Trick or treat: your friends have showed up for some trick or treat before the big bash starts, it's time to hit the houses and reek your havoc.

-trick: write to nearest 1000.

-treat: write 400 words @ own pace.

Haunted house: you and your friends go to the haunted house at the end of the block and enter slowly, it's pitch black and your footsteps echo on the creaky floor boards. Your friends dare you to stay for an hour alone.

-if you stay, roll a dice and times by 50, write within an hour, if not then continue until you do.

-if you say no and run screaming from the building, write 500 words while you listen to your friends calling you scared.

Home: it's time to being the big bash, heat up the food and turn on all the decorations - write 10 minute.

Your guests show up and the party hits off, circle around and talk with guests, you are the charming host after all, write @ own pace to nearest 1000.

Movies: movies have been planned to watch, marathon them all : write 500 words.

-watch one and get scared out of watching the others: sprint 10 minutes.

Love time: out of no where someone comes up and roughly kisses you,

-you recognize and like: sprint 10 minutes while you kiss back.

-don't like it: write 100 words, kick in balls and run away.

-don't like it + BFF: write 500 words while your bestie pulls him/her off you and counsels you.

-you realize you both have feelings, sprint 20 minutes while you spend the night getting drunk together.

Bed: everyone has left or crashed on the floor or couch, and now it's your turn. Dragging your best upstairs to your bedroom, you both fall into the bed with your clothes on.

-take clothes off: sprint 20 minutes while you struggle to get your clothes off

-clothes on: fall straight to sleep with clothes on: write 100 words while you drift off.

Wake up: the next morning you wake up to a pounding headache, a strong arm around you, and your house in shambles, but you smile, all in all a good day/night.

-go back to sleep: roll dice and x by 50.

-wake up and face the world: sprint 30 minutes.