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Word crawl/Halloween Crawl 1

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Halloween Word Crawl

This is my first crawl that I’ve made. I hope it’s decent and people enjoy it. It might be a little short but I was excited to get my first one written.

CARVING TIME: Time to carve your pumpkin. Have fun pulling out those slimy pumpkin guts. Sprint to 250 words while you scoop.

DRESS UP: You are ready to put on your costume. There were so many choices but you finally made a decision. If you chose…

A Superhero: complete a 5 minute word war.

A costume of the opposite sex: write 300 words in 10 minutes.

A Disney character: Sprint to the nearest 1000.

FIRST STOP: You are brave and head to a haunted house. While you wait in line and try and not look terrified roll a die and multiply it by 100. Write that many words.

STEP INSIDE: It’s very dark inside and you feel someone or something touch your shoulder. Before you can turn around to look you hear a shrieking scream. If it’s you that’s screaming do a 15 minute word war. If it’s not you screaming write at your own pace for 10 minutes.

RECOVERY: You survive and make it out alive. While you take a break and wait for your heartrate to return to normal take the last 3 numbers from the number of people on the site right now shown at the bottom and write that many words.

TRICK OR TREAT: Now you are ready for some candy. You grab your flashlight and head to the first house. Ring the doorbell and while you wait for some goodies write for 20 minutes. If you write 1000 or more words you receive your favorite candy. If you write 600-999 words you get a stick of gum. If you write 1-599 words you watch 5 pennies fall into your bag.

PARTY TIME: Time to party. You head to a friends for a costume party and some frightful food. You notice across the room that someone has the exact same costume on that you do. Write 500 words at your own pace while you figure out what would have been a better costume.

MOVIE TIME: You wind down the evening with your favorite scary movie. If you watch…

Halloween- do a 10 minute word war.

Paranormal Activity- roll a die and multiply the number by 50. Write that many words.

Saw- write to the nearest 1000.

LIGHTS OUT: You finish watching the movie credits. Then just as you turn off the TV and shut off the lights you hear a scratching at the front door. You wonder if it’s last minute trick-or-treats, or something worse. Too afraid to check you run to your bed and hide under the covers to wait for daylight. While you wait take one last look at the number of people online and write the same number of words as the last three digits of that number. Sleep tight!