Word crawl/Great British Bake Off Crawl

A crawl for all you cake lovers. If you've never heard of the Great British Bake Off, it's a competition for home bakers on the BBC. Why haven't you been watching it? Good luck!

1. Enter the competition - do a 15 minute word war while you fill in your application form.

Prompt: Include someone explaining their job or their hobbies to another character.

2. You've been selected for the next round of applications. Sprint to the nearest thousand while you jump for joy!

Prompt: Include a character over-reacting to something.

3. You need to take a cake to impress the judges. Sprint to the end of the scene to show off your novel at its best.

Prompt: Include a character impressing someone whose opinion means a lot to them.

4. There are three challenges in each episode of the Bake Off. Do the 3 digit challenge while you learn the rules.

Prompt: Include someone either significantly breaking the rules, OR sticking to the rules in a way that breaks them. Bonus points if you manage to include both.

5. Signature Bake – you are instructed to make cookies. Sprint 5 minutes as you mix the dough, then try to double your word count for that sprint in a 10 minute sprint.

Prompt: Include a handwritten, signed note given to your MC.

Succeed – well done, your cookies impress Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Pat yourself on the back and have a snack.

Fail – your cookies are underdone. Put them back in the oven and write 250 words while they finish cooking. Have a snack to celebrate surviving your first bake. Prompt: include something unfinished.

6. Technical Bake – this is an unseen challenge, so take the latest dare from your genre forum, and include that in a 30 minute word war.

If you get more than or equal to five times the word count of your 5 minute war, you came first – write 50 words to celebrate and include a celebration.

If you get between three and five times the word count of your 5 minute war, you're in the middle of the pack. Write 100 words to try and bump yourself up a bit. Include someone bumping into someone else.

If you get less than three times he word count of your 5 minute war, oops. You came last. Write 250 words to try and convince Paul Hollywood you know what you're doing and your cookies were meant to be topped with lavender meringue. Include something going wrong.

7. Baking the showstopper – you need to produce a layered cake. Roll 2 dice and that's your number of layers. Write 50 words per layer and include something getting stacked up.

8. Icing the showstopper – Do the epic music challenge and include a decoration.