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6am: roll a die, if you land on an even number, you wake up on time. You have time to read some tabloids. Sprint 6 minutes. If you land on an odd number, you oversleep. Sprint 5 minutes for 250 words. If you don't reach 250, sprint for another 3 minutes.

6:15am: you go downstairs and make yourself a cup of coffee. Sprint for 5 minutes.

6:30am: you hurry to Luke's for breakfast with Rory. You have 40 seconds to round your total word count up to the nearest hundred.

-If you succeed.... You enjoy a nice breakfast with Rory. Write without a word count goal for 5 minutes.

-If you fail... You have an argument with Taylor on your way to the diner. Write 250 words.

6:35am: you order breakfast at Luke's. You choose...

-eggs and bacon... Sprint 3 minutes.

-french toast... Sprint 10 minutes for 400 words. If you miss the goal... You distract Luke and he burns your food. You then order eggs and bacon. If you reach the goal, your breakfast comes out perfectly and you can move on with your day.

-only a coffee... Sprint 15 minutes for 600 words. If you miss the goal... Luke tells you to order something more nutritious. Pick another order.

7:00am: you get to work at the Independence Inn and plan out the day with Sookie. Pick a prompt from another thread OR sprint for 30 minutes with a 1,000 word goal. If you reach the goal, move on. If you miss the goal, you get an upset customer. Sprint for 10 minutes.

8:00am: your day is going great... until.... you get a call from your mother. You...

-ignore it... Your mother becomes upset with you. Participate in a word war of your choice in length with someone.

-answer it... You try to talk your way out of having a full conversation with your mother. Sprint for 6 minutes.

11:00am: Sookie asks you to taste test a new recipe of hers before she serves it. Sprint 600 words in 15 minutes. Miss the goal, and try again. Repeat until you win or until you hit a total of 1,500 words.

12:00pm: time for your lunch break. Sprint until you round off total your word count to the next thousand.

1:00pm: you're out of coffee. Sprint for 3 minutes, rest for 2, sprint for 4, rest for 2, sprint for 5, rest for 2.

2:00pm: a window breaks at the inn. Do you...

-call a handyman- cost: sprint 150 words... Your gutters are cleaned with no additional trouble.

-call Kirk- cost: sprint 75 words... Kirk ends up furthering the damage. Now you have to pay for a handyman and a box of band-aids. Sprint 200 words.

4:00pm: you head to business school for your night class. Time for an exam. To pass, write 1,000 words in 30 minutes. If you fail, make up the score with extra credit. Sprint for another 15 minutes.

7:00pm: now for your favorite (not) part of every week: Friday Night Dinner. Do you...

-try and get out of going... Sprint for 5 minutes. Richard and Emily catch your lying and make you come to dinner.

-go and try to have a positive attitude about it... Sprint 10 minutes for 300 words. If you succeed, dinner goes well. If you don't reach the goal, you make a careless comment during dinner that ends in a fight with Emily. Sprint 5 minutes.

10:00pm: finally, time to relax and watch TV with Rory before bed. Sprint until you round out your total word count to the next thousand.