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Word crawl/Dungeon Crawl

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You find yourself near a pit. It has a sign near it. "Word war 10 minutes. If you get more than 400, you win. If you get less, you lose."

Win: The sign morphs into some stairs! A new sign pops up saying "Welcome to the next level. Soon, you will meet small monsters. But first, choose your weapon!" You can choose from a staff: (30-49wpm) a Sword (50-74 wpm) and Axe (75+ wpm)
Lose: The sign turned red. The post turned into a little snake. The remains of the sign say "Your first monster! A easy one at that, as well. Word war five minutes! Less than 150 words and you lose!" If you lose, you die. If you win, look above.

Five minute word war to 'get used to your weapon'

You slowly walk down the stairs, instantly encountering a zombie. Five minute word war!

Staff= 150+ win
Sword=250+ win
Axe= 375+ winv

Another sign appears! "Good job, let's continue!" It morphs into stairs that you start to walk down. After reaching the bottom, the floors are made of scrap metals and unpolished jewels. You hear chains dragging along the floor, and you are soon charged by a forsaken prisoner! It takes a while to fight off, so fifteen minute word war!

Axe= 1100+ win
Sword= 750+ win
Staff=450+ win

The chains turn into a sign! "Well done! Come, come to the next level." A opening into the ground swallows you up. Here, you cannot see! But you continue on, using the five minutes of light every five minutes wisely. (Do as many five minute word war five minute breaks as you need to get to a thousand!)

The lights turn on, and you find yourself face to face with a medium sized monster! Twenty minute word war! The monster falls no matter how many words you write, however, because a arrow strikes it's back and it dies. You see a woman behind you. She looks at you said says "Come, the boss is near. We will fight together."

She leads you to a cavern, and a monster lies there. It has many tentacles, its body is grotesque, and it is very, very large.

"Here we are. FIGHT!" She says, and you write at least (choose weaapon) words in thirty minutes. If you fail, you die.

Sword: 1800
Staff: 1200
Axe: 2400

Victory! The girl, who had gotten poisoned whispers her goodbyes. The monster turns into a diamond bigger than any seen before, and the girl's bow automatically straps itself onto your back. It was made of ivory, and was plated with precious jewels and felt like magic. You return to the uplands, with more words written, and a diamond on your hands.