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Word crawl/Dice Crawl

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I'm finding the crawls more helpful than the word wars this year, but I wanted one I could do in one day or "session"...enough to boost word count and help meet or exceed the daily goal, but not one that would have me trying to write 20,000 words in one day. So I made one.

If you don't have a set of gaming dice, just type "roll d#" into your favorite search engine, where # is the # of sides.

In this crawl you can end up writing anywhere from 323 to 3416 words leading up to the big d20 finale, which isn't deterministic at all but might average out somewhere around 500 words depending on your luck, and will tend to take more words to complete the further behind schedule you are on your novel. Enjoy!

4-sided die:

Roll it. Write that many hundreds of words. (100-400 words)

6-sided die:

Roll it three times; multiply the rolls and write that many words. (1-216 words) Bonus: Roll them again and write another round for a Masterwork Weapon (+1 to attack rolls)

8-sided die:

This one's easy: roll it twice, multiply them together, write that many words. (1-64 words)

10-sided die:

Roll it. If you roll a prime number, and yes I count 2 as a prime, write 100 times your roll. If you roll a non-prime, write 50 times your roll. (100-700 words) (Primes: 1,2,3,5,7)


Two d10s rolled together, the first representing the tens place. Write that number of words, but if you roll under 21, add 100 to that number. (21-120 words)

12-sided die:

The barbarian's die. Roll 2d12 for the time limit of your sprint, roll d12 for the hundreds of words you must write in that time to demonstrate your strength and honor. (2-24 minutes, 100-1200 words)

If you fail the barbarian challenge, you will be expelled from your tribe and must write 500 more words as soon as possible to regain your honor. (0-500 words)

20-sided die: (Somewhere around 500 words on average? Could be less or a lot more.)

The big one!

A Dire Novelling-Related Arbitrary Goal Framework springs forth from the gloom of the dungeon! What is its AC (Armor Class)? >25% of Par written = AC 16 25% to 50% of Par written = AC 14 >50%, under Par = AC 12 Around Par = AC 10

The monster will take many, many blows to defeat, but it will retreat for now if you can land 5 blows on it. To attack the monster, roll a d20 and write five times the roll in words. You must write the words regardless of whether or not you land a successful hit...dungeoneering is hard work!

If your roll is greater than the DNRAGF's AC, you score a hit! If your roll is less than or equal to it's AC, you miss. Keep trying! If you have a Masterwork Weapon, add +1 to each of your rolls, with no need to write 5 extra words. If you roll a natural 20 (a 19+1 with a Masterwork doesn't count), you can roll for a critical hit! If you fail to exceed the AC on the critical roll, the original 20 still hits once. If you beat the AC, you get 3 hits total! Remember, trying for a critical is also work, so be sure to write the words for that roll too.