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Word crawl/Camp (Sleep-away camp!) crawl

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Welcome to Camp! Sunshine warms your face as you’re dropped off to start your camp. Say goodbye to whoever dropped you off - it’ll be a while until you see them again! Sprint to 100 words while you say goodbye.

Backpack safely secured and duffel bag by your side, you walk up to the Camp check-in center. A cheerful counselor waves and asks your name. Write however many letters are in your first name x10 while she puts in your name.

Uh oh! There’s been a mix-up in which cabin you should be in. War for 10 minutes to see what cabin you end up in!

If you get 400 +, you’re in cabin 12. If you get <400, you’re in cabin 13.

Time to do a health check. Here, they’ll check to make sure you aren’t carrying in any flu bugs or actual bugs (pesky things!) Sprint for 5 minutes while they complete your health check.

Phew! You’ve been cleared. A counselor comes up and offers to walk you to your cabin to change for the swim test. Your cabin is all the way across Camp! Write at your own pace for 10 minutes - after all, Camp is supposed to be your retreat!

The cabins finally come into sight. Wow, what a view! Perched on an overlook at camp, with a sign that reads Welcome to the cabins! Watch the rickety steps! Use the Random number generator https://www.random.org/ and put in 1-9, multiplied by 10 to see how many stairs you have to drag your bag up.

Your cabin mates are already there when you open the door! Get-to-know-you-time! Word war with a friend for 15 minutes!

It’s time for the swim test, along with the rest of your cabin mates. Dipping your foot into the freezing pool, you shiver, even with the sun beating down. Will you pass? Sprint for 3 minutes as fast as you possibly can!

Congratulations! Everyone, including you, passed the test! Swimming really worked up an appetite! Fortunately for you, it’s dinner time! Unfortunately for you, they make you sing songs to see which cabin has the enough “spirit" to go in. Sigh. Type loudly, hitting those keys for 2 minutes to go in.

The counselors were really impressed by your cabin’s loud singing, so in you go! The hardest part is yet to come, though. Now you have to face….other campers. Have you ever been in line for food at Camp? Now you have! Amid the pushing, shoving, and elbows flying for food, you spot the last piece of your favorite food. Another camper sees it at the same time! Race for 5 minutes, adrenaline flying. If you get 200 words or over, you get the food! If not, too bad, but there will be other food. Either way, return to the line and pick up the rest of the food available.

Back at the table, everyone is digging in to their food as an…IPad?…is being passed around the table. When it gets to you, you curiously click your name in the list of your cabin mates. Wow! It turns out you are picking electives for tomorrow! You’re only allowed three, so pick wisely! Sprint the number of words or time of each elective you pick. One from each group!

First elective: Arts and Crafts (100 words), Movie Makeup (200 words), Magic tricks (200 words), or Cooking (15 minute word sprint)

Second elective: Free Swim (100 words), Zip-line (200 words), Giant Swing (300 words), or Ropes Course (15 minutes word sprint)

Third elective: Flying Squirrel Rope Course (100 words), Trapeze (200 words), Laser Tag (300 words), or Archery (15 minute word sprint)

Nice! Electives finished, you can finally finish your dinner in peace…right? Wrong! Quick! Grab a bottle of ketchup and place it on your head as you dash for 2 minutes! Phew! Luckily, you aren’t the last person in your cabin to grab a bottle of ketchup, so that means you don’t have to take everyone’s dishes and glasses to the kitchen for cleanup.

After dinner, it’s time for the campfire! The sun’s going down as the stars come out to twinkle. Being so high up and away from the rest of the world, you feel amazed. Write at your own pace to 100 words, marveling at the stars.

That didn’t last long! The camp director gets a megaphone and everyone’s up on their feet. It’s sing-a-long time! Write for the length of a song that makes you happy!

Now that everyone’s up and on their feet, the director is going to make you dance too! Take a 5 minute dance break- go on, do a dance break! Set a timer for 5 minutes and dance goofily to your heart’s content- but only for five minutes! We’re writers, people!

Now that the dance break is over, everyone’s getting tired from all the dancing, singing, and excitement of the day. Stare happily at the fire as you write for 15 minutes.

As the last of the fire flickers out, the cabins trudge back up over the hill and to the cabins. Up the stairs you and into the cabin you go. Getting ready for the night takes a 250 word in as much time as you want.

Finally ready for bed, you tuck yourself under the covers of your bunk bed and stare at the etched wood above you. The grasshoppers are chirping away, the owls are whooting, the fireflies flicker outside the windows of your cabin. The camp director walks outside, down on the road outside the cabins, whistling a soft tune. The ambiance lulls you to sleep and as you dream, a plot bunny expands in your mind. Take a prompt you’ve been wanting to do for a while, and expand on it for ten minutes. As your mind drifts, you finally fall asleep, ready for the next day of Camp.