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Word crawl/(MCU) Avengers word crawl

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The Tesseract is acting up and Director Nick Fury is on site to assess the situation. Sprint to 500 while he talks to Coulson, Hill, Dr. Selvig, and Barton to find out how bad things are.

After a flare from the Tesseract that turns out to be a portal, a stranger with a sceptre is left behind. Go for a Fifty Headed Hydra while Loki injures several people and places others, including Clint Barton and Dr. Selvig, under his control, and after an exchange about ants and boots with the Director, prepares to make an exit.

Car chase time! Maria Hill is told by Fury that Barton’s been compromised, and the chase after Loki starts. Sprint to the nearest thousand during their high speed chase.

It’s time to get a team together to retrieve the Tesseract—Coulson calls Natasha Romanoff off her current job, then she goes and finds Bruce Banner in Calcutta, Nick Fury deals with Steve Rogers personally, and Coulson invades Stark Tower. There’s a lot of tension involved in convincing everyone, so word war for 15 minutes with a friend while the team starts gathering on the helicarrier. Loser writes an extra 300 words.

Cue Loki having a nice chat with a Chitauri, complete with threats and intimidation. Complete a Three Digit Challenge while they go back and forth.

A lovely event in Stuttgart… and then Loki shows up and creates panic and chaos. Write for 10 minutes while he tells the assembled crowd to kneel. If you write more than 500 words, you join the old man in standing up to Loki before Cap and Iron Man show up. “There are always men like you.” If not, Cap and Iron Man have to work a little harder to subdue Loki, so write an extra 200 words. “Make a move, reindeer games.”

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me! Thor yanks Loki off the jet and the brothers argue, and then Iron Man shows up again, causing some destruction while the two fight it out. Cap tries to deescalate things, but as Tony points out, Thor loves his hammer, and that doesn’t happen right away. Sprint to 500 words while they work things out, realize they’re on the same team, and Thor joins the group on the helicarrier.

Science bros! Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are settling into the lab, with some snarky input from Steve. The rest of the team chats, Fury starts theorizing about Loki being the only one who wants to be there, and Natasha interrogates Loki. Write for another 10 minutes and see if you can beat your previous 10 minute word count. If you fail, write an additional 300 words for the altercation in the lab that ends with Banner picking up the sceptre.

Explosions on the helicarrier and everyone’s on high alert! Tony is getting his suit, Natasha’s trying to keep Bruce calm, and everyone is scrambling to keep the helicarrier in the air. You’re going to help Steve and Tony fix that engine while Natasha and Thor try to keep the Hulk a little more contained—write 500 words in 10 minutes or you’ll need to write an extra 100 to hit the lever when Cap can’t get to it if you want to keep the engine from crushing Tony.

Natasha and Clint are fighting (cognitive recalibration, anyone?), Loki’s tricking Thor into running into the cell, and everything looks like it’s going straight to hell. Better do another Fifty Headed Hydra while everybody tries to keep things together.

Somewhere in all that chaos, Loki stabbed Coulson, and the team now gathers to mourn. It’s the calm before the storm… write 1,000 words as everyone takes the time to mourn Phil Coulson, and as Bruce comes to in the rubble of the building he crashed into, Clint recovers from the cognitive recalibration, and everyone takes some time to regroup and get ready for the final fight.

Time for a standoff between Tony and Loki. While Tony threatens and Loki acts arrogant, you do another Three Digit Challenge.

It’s final battle time. You have a choice: You can either write for an hour OR write 3% of your current word count while the Avengers get their act together and finally start fighting like a team, taking down as many of the Chitauri as they can even with the portal still open. Natasha can close it, but first, Tony takes the missile through the portal.

As the Chitauri fall, the team waits to see Tony come back through the portal, and he does, but he’s coming down fast… Write 100 words as the Hulk catches him and scares him back to consciousness. “Please tell me nobody kissed me.”

Loki crawls out of his hole and the Avengers are ready and waiting for him. The fight is over and Loki lost. Sprint to 500 words again while Thor takes a cuffed and muzzled Loki and the Tesseract back to Asgard, and the Avengers go their separate ways and begin to rebuild. Director Fury is confident they’ll be back if needed (and there’s a whole other movie that proves he’s right).

BONUS: Shawarma! Word war with a friend for 10 minutes. Loser writes an extra 500 words and buys shawarma for all the Avengers. (Or just for your friends.)