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Word crawl

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A word crawl is a type of word sprint that collects a number of word wars, prompts, and sprints into one challenge. Generally themed, participants are encouraged to complete each portion of the challenge in order. Many of these challenges take the form of a choose your own adventure-style story, giving participants mini-rewards in the form of the progression of the story or punishments for failures. They may also be referred to as pub crawls, a reference to the real life activity of the same name from which the word crawls are derived.

The first noted word crawl on the NaNoWriMo forums was the Word Count Pub Crawl, posted in 2012 by user Emmylou. More Wrimos formed their own word crawls in 2013 based on themes of their liking. Notable word crawls in 2013 included two Word Count Pub Crawls and crawls based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hunger Games fandoms.

Word crawls of all types can be found in the Word Wars, Prompts & Sprints forum.

Popular Word Crawls (archived on WikiWrimo)