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Word Count Widget

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A Word Count Widget is an embeddable image displaying a NaNoWriMo participant or region's word count and progress toward a goal. They are designed to be used offsite (for example, on a participant's blog or Facebook page.) Word Count Widgets are not designed to be used on the NaNoWriMo website, such as in a participant's signature, as this will cause unneeded stress on the servers.

The widget that most people are familiar with is a simple blue image with the participant's name and number of words, as well as a duplication of the word count bar. However, there are also widgets for measuring region wordcount, for comparing up to five participants' wordcounts to each other, and comparing multiple regions. There is also a calendar which uses color to represent each day's wordcount (red for no words, yellow for less than 1,667, green for more than 1,667 and dark green for exceptionally good days.) There was also previously a Progress Report that broke down the user's count by day and showed the total words needed and average pace per day. This report was removed during the transition to Ruby on Rails and has not been brought back.

The widgets are customizable to a degree--multiple users or regions can be put in, the number of words can be replaced with a percentage (or removed altogether), the number of days left in November can be displayed, and the widgets can calculate on a different goal other than 50,000 words.

The wordcount information is made available by a wordcount.api that is updated once an hour, allowing all widgets to update automatically without making a new image URL. Several users have used the wordcount API to program their own widgets or tools, such as the Nano Faces chart.

Word count widgets are not available for Camp NaNoWriMo.

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