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Women's Fiction

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Women's fiction is a genre of fiction focusing on (and primarily written by) women.


Women's Lit is a forum for women's fiction writers. It was renamed from Chick Lit in 2015 to be more inclusive of the genre (as Chick Lit is a specific style of women's lit.)

Forum Description

"Your home for telling tall tales with the Chick Literati or weaving a heartfelt homage to the challenges of being a modern woman." (2015)
"Telling tall tales with the Chick Literati." (???-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Sub-genres include: Bride lit, Christian chick lit, Ethnic Chick Lit (Asian chick lit, Black chick lit, Indian chick lit), Lad lit, Hen lit, Mommy lit, Mystery chick lit, Teen Chick Lit, Workplace tell-all, Widow lit.


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