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Articles to write and cleanup things to do. This used to be in Sushi's namespace, so this list may look familiar. Go ahead and write one yourself! If you see a red link somewhere in the wiki, be bold and create the article! Also, if you come up with an idea and don't have the means to create it yourself, whether for a specific article or a broad idea, add it to this list.

Some places that may be of help:

And now, on to the list.

Pre-NaNo 2014 cleanup

A few small changes are particular to the the fact that NaNo happens every year. A lot of these changes are wiki-wide, and fixing a few of these on just a few pages would be such a huge help. You have no idea.

  • Checking and updating moderators on the pages for individual forums
  • Checking and updating URLs that link to the NaNo site, especially after the switch to Ruby on Rails in 2011. Replacing those that link to forums, pages, or popular threads. Thankfully user profiles appear to redirect, but checking those is also worth doing if they're linked.
  • Checking Region subpages and adding the many new regions to the appropriate subpage as pages to be written (or write them yourself if you'd like). Dear Baty are there a lot of new regions. Update MLs to the current ones.
  • Changing tenses as appropriate when you see them. Things that refer to 2010 may need to be referred to in the past tense, for example.
  • Basically, look for out of date stuff and make it, well, not out of date!
  • Go through Special:AncientPages. This page sorts articles by last edited, with articles edited a very long time ago showing up first. This page would probably make finding out of date articles significantly easier.
  • Find links to OLL that should reference National Novel Writing Month (nonprofit). Fix. (By the way, National Novel Writing Month goes to the event page since that's what more people are looking for.)
  • Remove the www in articles where nanowrimo.org is linked. This means the URL should reaed nanowrimo.org instead of www.nanowrimo.org.

Articles to write or complete

  • Wikiwrimo:Manual of Style -- a manual of grammatical style for the wiki. Most of this can be covered by linking to an external grammar source, but we should outline some things that need to be consistent across the wiki.
  • Region--start an article on your region! Please! No one can write about every single region and their histories.
  • Pretty much anything from Special:WantedPages except the template-y stuff that I can't get rid of. Argh.
  • Add to an article marked as a stub in Category:Stubs
  • Finish NaNoWriMo and The Office of Letters and Light.
  • Not really an article, but a page on how to help Wikiwrimo grow. Not a checklist, but a document to show that no task is too small, even for the "But editing is a BIG TASK" folks.
  • Special Offers and Greetings from Camp NaNo Sponsors and Finding Cabin Mates - As of 2013, the newest pair of boards in NaNo's Camp NaNo Section.
  • The past and present NaNo/OLL staff who don't already have articles. Check out Template:Ollstaff.
  • Having articles on basic writing terms and how they relate to NaNo/Script Frenzy would be cool, too. See Basic writing terms for ideas that may not have their own pages. This was mentioned by a few people when crowdsourcing for ideas.
  • List of writing software-- Add software to the list.
  • List of writing mobile apps-- Create an article on useful mobile apps for noveling. DONE but no content on there yet.
  • List of regional Facebook pages-- Add your region's page.
  • List of regional Twitter accounts-- Add your region's account.
  • List of regional websites-- Add your region's site.
  • A list of published novels that got started during NaNo. NaNo's published Wrimos list is incomplete and doesn't include indie/self-published novels. This list should complete that gap.
  • Articles on some of the awesome Reference Desk/Character and Plot Realism threads and the stories behind them.
  • NaNoWriMo in the News: populate this with all the news articles written about Nano, not just the ones the Nano in the news page on the Nano site shows.
  • National Novel Writing Year
  • Perhaps an article on the hosting provider of NaNo from Oct. 2000 - Sep. 2002?
  • phpBB (what the site ran on from Oct. 2002 - Sep. 2005)
  • Xoops (what the site ran on from Oct. 2005 - Sep. 2007)
  • Drupal (NaNo: Oct. 2007 - Sep. 2011 SF: May 2007 - Present. We don't have to get technical.)
  • Ruby on Rails (NaNo: Oct. 2011 - Present Camp NaNo: Jun. 2011 - Present)
    • To clarify on the above five, we don't really need technical details so much as how it relates to Nano.
  • Writing enemy
  • Editing
  • Update Wikiwrimo's History Article as needed.
  • NaNoToons (and how about Debs and Errol?) (Yes!)
  • Rich Black (designed 2012 nowd poster)
  • Now What? Months
  • Word Count Angel (Opposite of Word Count Dragon)
  • Plantser - the middle ground between a pantser and a planner. Suggestion: combine pantser/planner/plantser into one article about levels of planning/non-planning.
  • Complete the list of timed artistic challenges. Create full articles as notable non-OLL challenges arise.
  • Laptop Loaner, a past NaNo program that loaned laptops to people who didn't have laptops
    • I mentioned the laptop loaners on the Alphasmart page, so maybe expand from there? Although I'm not sure if the YWP library includes the laptops as well.
  • Any NaNo/SF/Camp NaNo related thing that doesn't have it's own article and wasn't mentioned above.
  • Add WrimoRadio episodes and summaries to article (or a separate one if the list gets long). Sushi has all the episodes but they may still be listed on iTunes.
  • Virtual Write-in - the series of Google Hangouts write-ins, often hosted by the NaNo interns
    • May want to distinguish from an online (regional) write-in. According to the OLL history they're called "Campfire Hangouts".
  • NaNoWriMo HQ - the physical NaNo office. Can probably take some info from the nonprofit article.
  • NaNoWriMo website - all about the nanowrimo.org website

Photos and other non-article things to add

  • Photos of the 2012 trading cards
  • General photos of donor swag
  • General photos of store merchandise
  • A framed winner certificate or two
  • A template marking an article as out of date. This would be useful if you know the article is out of date but can't be bothered to fix it yourself or fixing it would take a considerable amount of effort/research.
  • Anything else?

Anything else? Add it to the list! Or better yet, search for it, and if it's not there, start an article yourself!