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Articles to write and cleanup things to do. This used to be in Sushi's namespace, so this list may look familiar. Go ahead and write one yourself! Also, if you see a red link somewhere in the wiki, be bold and create the article! Also, if you come up with an idea and don't have the means to create it yourself, whether for a specific article or a broad idea, add it to this list.

Some places that may be of help:

And now, on to the list.

Post-2011 relaunch cleanup

A few small changes are particular to the site relaunch that happens every year. A lot of these changes are wiki-wide, and fixing a few of these on just a few pages would be such a huge help. You have no idea.

  • Checking and updating moderators on the pages for individual forums
  • Checking and updating URLs that link to the NaNo site, especially after the switch to Ruby on Rails in 2011. Replacing those that link to forums, pages, or popular threads. Thankfully user profiles appear to redirect, but checking those is also worth doing if they're linked.
  • Checking Region subpages and adding the many new regions to the appropriate subpage as pages to be written (or write them yourself if you'd like). Dear Baty are there a lot of new regions.
  • Changing tenses as appropriate when you see them. Things that refer to 2010 may need to be referred to in the past tense, for example.
  • There are definitely other things, but Sushi needs to shower and sleep eventually. Also reply to all these emails.
  • Basically, look for out of date stuff and make it, well, not out of date!

Articles to write

Anything else? Add it! Or better yet, search for it, and if it's not there, start an article yourself!