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Wikiwrimo:General disclaimer

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Wikiwrimo is a completely unofficial wiki by Wrimos for Wrimos. Wikiwrimo is not affiliated with National Novel Writing Month.

We don't have a special "in" to the NaNoWriMo staff, so please don't use us to contact them. Use the NaNoWriMo's contact page if you have any questions about NaNoWriMo that should be directed to the NaNoWriMo staff. Likewise, don't ask the NaNoWriMo staff questions about the wiki, as they'll probably direct you to this site. If you have a question about Wikiwrimo, direct that to wikiwrimo atsign gmail period com.

All Wrimos, including NaNoWriMo staff, are welcome to contribute here. Contributions by the NaNoWrimo staff members do not necessarily imply their endorsement of the site or its contents.

Use common sense when taking advice presented here. What works for some people may not work for you. We're not health professionals, lawyers, or other esteemed experts. We don't even play them on TV. The only thing we as a collective are experts at is frantic novel-writing.