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Wikiwrimo is the unofficial wiki designed to archive the history and culture of National Novel Writing Month. It's a wiki for Wrimos by Wrimos.

What Wikiwrimo Is

  • A collaborative effort to archive NaNoWriMo history. Every year the forums get taken down for a shiny new forum. This is great. Everyone loves to play on the new playground. However, some great aspects of NaNoWriMo culture get lost because that year's archive isn't available yet (or at all), or because forums didn't exist during that time.
  • A glossary of NaNoWriMo terms. The NaNoWriMo community has invented many terms in our years of frantic novel-writing, and some of us veterans don't know all of them. Imagine how the newbies feel. This is the place for those terms.

What Wikiwrimo Is Not

  • A place to air your grudge. This site is archive of history, and we aim to be as neutral as possible. Air your
  • Your personal blog. Feel free to personalize your user page; that's why it's there! Just don't turn it into your blog or Twitter or Facebook. There are much better places for that.