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This article is about Wikiwrimo's history and influence on the wider NaNo community. For what Wikiwrimo is about and how to contribute, see Wikiwrimo's about page and the User Guide.

Wikiwrimo is a wiki devoted to the history and culture of all things National Novel Writing Month. It was founded by current Wikiwrimo admin Sushimustwrite.

The idea for a wiki related to NaNoWriMo is not new; the United States::Illinois::Naperville region has maintained a wiki as part of its regional website for quite some time[1], and there exists an unofficial password-access wiki for current MLs. However, no general wiki existed before Wikiwrimo, something founder Sushimustwrite realized during NaNoWriMo 2009. Sushimustwrite registered the domain wikiwrimo.org on 5 June 2010, and the wiki started gaining content the next day.