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[[Category:The Office of Letters and Light]]
[[Category:The Office of Letters and Light]]
[[Category:NaNoWriMo terms]]

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Voldefridge is the name of the refrigerator in the Office of Letters and Light. After OLL moved to their current office in Berkeley in May 2010, they held a contest on Facebook to name the refrigerator [1]. Fifteen hundred entries later, the staff narrowed the field down to ten entries and posted a Facebook poll for Wrimos to vote on [2]. The name Voldefridge rose above the others to win the poll [3], and the submitter of that name won a refrigerator magnet of Voldefridge. There is also a refrigerator magnet of that Wrimo on Voldefridge.

The top ten entries

  • Hubert Q. Fridgington III
  • Fridge to Terabithia
  • Coldylocks
  • Refrigerwriter
  • Fridgesaurus Rex
  • Frostimus Prime
  • F. Scott Fridgegerald
  • The Catcher in the Ham on Rye
  • Voldefridge (aka the Fridge Who Must Not Be Named)
  • Sir Noshingham