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The Paulverisor is a Wrimo, Twitterer, and frequent contributor to WikiWrimo. He enjoys talking about himself in the third person as if he was an objective biographer who has reached into the depths of cyberspace to collect valuable (and not-so-valuable) information about him. Anyways...

His real name is Paul A. Daly, and his NaNoWriMo and Twitter username are the same: @the_paulverisor

NaNoWriMo Participation

  • Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013 Wrote 3/5 of his intended novel but never finished. Lost.
  • NaNoWriMo: November 2013 Wrote one novel, finished his Camp novel, and wrote a Christmas play, resulting in a total word count of 51,050. Won.

History Behind "The Paulverisor"

While talking with some friends, they decided to start making puns with their names. Daly included puns such as "Apaulogize," "Appauled," "the Paulice," and "Appaullation Station," however "Paulverize" was the most praised and therefore stuck with him the longest. He later modified the name by personifying it to "The Paulverizer." After a short think, he decided to go British on it and respell it "Paulverisor." He thought it looked better.

The name has lived on since late 2011 when it was first created. It is his username for everything that needs one.

Daly's strange obsession with small animals

Daly is an avid cat-lover, moderator of @itsdaplotbunny on Twitter, and incudes or references a chipmunk in every one of his novels. The reason for this is unknown, especially since Daly is over six feet tall.

Daly's personal life

He was born in Kentucky and raised everywhere else. He has moved several times, gone through several good (and conversely, hard) times, and prefers to be guided by God. Speaking of,

Daly's faith

Daly is a committed Christian (Protestant) who came to Christ when he was seven years old. Since then, he has surrendered to some type of ministry (he has yet to figure this out completely), and has been in involved in church, the community, and his world. "The center of my Solar System is Christ," Daly says in his NaNoWriMo author bio, "My novels and hobbies revolve around Him. I am not a writer. I am Christian who happens to write."

If you are interested in learning more, Daly would be thrilled to have you NaNoMail him.

WikiWrimo Contributions

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