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[*] Has participated in every oll event starting with NaNo 2011, and has won every time except for SF 2012, in which he lost hilariously. This gives him a 5-1 OLL event record.

[*] After going for the minimum (50k words of Noveling or 100 pages of script) in his first four OLL events (two novels, one script, one rebel script), he has firmly stepped into the overachiever group with 51,597 words in just 26 days in his NaNo 2012 Novel. While he did not overachieve while successfully doing a 100 page script during April 2013 Camp, he plans to write a novel of over 56k words during July Camp 2013, and will shoot for 60k in NaNo 2013.

[*] Is training for an eventual milwordy run.

[*] Treats 3k days as national holidays, but 2k days as necessities.

[*] Makes grading scales for the community.

[*] Runs NaNoPlanMo

[*] Considered Launching his own version of SF during parts of 2012 and 2013, but eventually shelved the idea.

[*] Plans to make the elsewhere:elsewhere region more prominent.

[*] Is active on the forums, especially in the rules and tech help sections.

[*] Believes that rebels who either simply write something that is not a novel (with or without a custom goal) or finish a novel they've started are perfectly tolerable and sometimes worth supporting, while those rebels who break the rules any further than that are cheating and deserve warnings, and if it continues, higher minimum goals and, if that doesn't stop them, disqualification. However, would have users report this sort of rebelling via pm to an admin, not via a forum topic, due to a risk of flame wars.

[*] Supports Extended-Time Accomodations (more than 30/31 days to actually write) in certain situations, hurricanes being an example. Believes that not offering extended time in these situations is heartless and can have an effect on participant numbers in severe cases.

[*] Noticed a 2011/12 'curse' simulationsely affecting 5 timed artistic challenges (all 3 of NaNo's Adult Events (NaNo, Camp, SF), NaNoEdMo, and JulNoWriMo).

[*] Is a high school student

[*] Increased three grades and maintained the other four during NaNo 2012

[*] Can be seen sporting the phrase "Win or Die Trying!!!!" on the forums. He opposes the movement towards treating losing (writing less than 50k words) as an "alternate winner's circle", believing it harms both the win rate and the number of winners itself, making the 50k goal of NaNoWriMo seem harder to reach than it actually is, which in turn harms participant numbers.

[*] is simply awesome