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Unofficial Script Frenzy FAQ

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Note: Script Frenzy was retired in 2012. This page remains available for reference and archive purposes. Check out the Unofficial NaNoWriMo FAQ for any Nano FAQs that aren't on the official site.

The Script Frenzy website has an extensive FAQ section that answers many questions. However, some questions get asked year after year yet are not in the FAQ. Here are some of them and their answers.

What counts toward my page count?

Anything you write in your script in April can count.

I started a script but don't like it. Can I start over?

You can write multiple scripts for Script Frenzy. As long as the total page count is 100 pages, it doesn't matter how many scripts you write. Go ahead and end this one creatively and start another one. Just remember that all your scripts have to be in one .pdf file in order to validate and win.

I have an account at NaNoWriMo. Can I use that account?

Yes, and you're encouraged to. Your NaNo credentials work just fine at the Script Frenzy site.

How do I add an image to my signature?

First, choose your image. Then upload it to a host that allows hotlinking such as Photobucket, Tinypic, Imgur, or your own website. Visit My Script Frenzy when logged in and edit your signature with the following: <img src="IMG URL" /> You can also link the image somewhere. To do this, add <a href="YOUR LINK"> before the image HTML and </a> after the image HTML.