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Types of Wrimos

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The concept of types of Wrimos or types of Nanoers refers to the humorous psychological classification of Nanowrimo participants. These types are groupings of certain quirky behaviors and writing habits as observed on the Nanowrimo forums and other Nanowrimo-related activities.

Types of Wrimos

Types of Wrimos was an All-Ages Coffee House thread begun in 2007 by junkfoodmonkey. The thread contained humorous personality types of Nanowrimo participants. Other participants identified with these personality types and even added some new classifications of their own.

Types of Wrimos
  • Ahead-of-Themselves Worrywarts
  • Anachronistic Wrimo
  • Annoying Wrimo Who's Won Every Year Since 2003 (or earlier if you like) And Finishes Around Week Two With Little Apparent Effort
  • Been Doing This Sh!t for Going on 4 Years and Haven't Won Yet WriMo
  • By-the-Book Writer
  • Can't Listen to Music or I'll Start Tap Dancing Wrimo
  • Carefree Wrimo
  • Cheersquad Wrimo
  • Clueless Wrimo
  • Come Back to Me Plot, We Were Just Getting Comfortable Nanoer
  • Cranky Old Wrimo
  • Doubters and Down-on-Themselves Wrimos
  • Drama Queens
  • Drunk Nanoers
  • Easy Peasies
  • Evangelical Wrimo
  • FanNoWriMo Crowd
  • Focused Bastard
  • Forum Addict
  • Fretters
  • Frequently Asking Questioners
  • Fun Seeking Wrimos
  • Genre Fretters
  • Gremlin-Stalked Nanoers
  • Grim Wrimo
  • Hat Constantly Flung Over the Next Fence Nanoer
  • High-nowrimo
  • High On Wordcount Nanoers
  • High Word Count Just Not in the Novellers
  • Hit-the-Wall Wrimo
  • Hyper Thread-Starting Nanoer
  • I Just Joined This Year Wrimo
  • It's November TWENTIETH Already? Novelist
  • I Would Do NaNoWriMo, But I Want to Put Real Thought into a Story
  • Latecomers
  • Luddite
  • Mary-Sue-phobes
  • "My Characters Won't Obey Me" Nanoers
  • Non-Participating Participants
  • Not in a US Time Zone Type
  • Notebook Addicted
  • Obsessive Researcher Authors
  • Oh God What's Happened I Guess I'll Keep Going Anyway Wrimo
  • Oh wait, I CAN do this! Wrimo
  • Old-School Wrimo
  • Overachiever
  • Pace Yourself Wrimo
  • Panic Button Nanoer
  • People Who Have No Real Life, But Still Are Only A Tiny Bit Aheaders
  • Perpetual Rebel
  • Pissed Off Cynic
  • Pleasantly Surprised Returning Wrimo
  • Prolific Wrimo
  • Recovering Mary-Sue-Phobe
  • RSI Pain Author
  • Shadow Wrimos
  • Shoutout Superstars
  • Silent Wrimos
  • Slasher
  • Slow and Steadier Wrimo or a Tortoise Wrimo
  • Social Wrimo
  • Speedsters
  • Sticky Addicted
  • Super Chaotic Wrimo
  • Successful Procrastinator
  • Thanksgiving Marathoners
  • The Thankful
  • Too Lazy to Read through the Entire OP Wrimo
  • Uses Nanowrimo as an Excuse for Having No Social Life Wrimo
  • Vitriolic Rule Monger
  • Voyeuristic Guests
  • Word War Champ
  • Write Once, Edit Once, Twice, Thrice, and Then Some Wrimo

Types of Nanoers

The Two Types of Nanoers thread in the All-Ages Coffee House was started by StarshineMiracle with the assumption that Nanowrimo participants only fell into two categories, type 1 and type 2. StarshineMiracle described the two types as:

Type 1: The perfectionists. These are the people who find it almost impossible to contain their inner editors, who go back and correct spelling and grammar and change words every five minutes, and who frequently have days when they don't write because they want to keep the plot on track because it's important to them that the book makes sense.

Type 2: The people who just write anything, even if it doesn't really make a coherent story, just to get word count. These people ignore the fact that it'll take months to edit and just focus on finishing and getting that 50k or whatever their goal is, and it doesn't worry them that their plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Wrimos soon adapted the two categories to a decimal system to indicate a mix of these personality traits. Yet others proposed categories outside of the two types as alternatives. Stavechurch explained a type 3 personality as a person "who can actually manage a coherent plot and a massive word count". Blue Spruce put forth a type infinity as someone who embraces the philosophy of "not allowing perfectionism to stop one from writing" yet also allowing the inner editor some control.

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