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Twitter is a social network that lets users connect with each other through messages of 140 characters. It is known for the many celebrities and news outlets that use the service.

NaNoWriMo uses Twitter to make breaking news updates through the NaNoWriMo account as well as to run word wars through the @NaNoWordSprints Twitter account during NaNo season. Their official twitter is also used to run Twitter events and traditions, such as the Twitter chats during Now What? and Friday whimsy.

Quite a few Wrimos use Twitter to connect with other writers. Many regions also have their own accounts. The hashtag system on Twitter makes finding other writers easier, especially through chats that happen through Twitter hashtags. Users can also form lists of other Wrimos for Wrimo-specific feeds.

Official Active OLL Accounts

Official But Inactive OLL Accounts

Writing hashtags

  • #nanowrimo (which trended on Twitter during November 1 2010 and again during a #NanoNowWhat chat in January)
  • #NanoNowWhat and #nowwhat (used for NaNoWriMo's Now What follow-up event in January and February 2013)
  • #NaNoNewLeaf (used for a #nowwhat chat with New Leaf Literary Agency)
  • #amwriting
  • #amediting
  • #nanopals
  • #betabuddy and #betareader (for betareading)
  • #campnanowrimo (or #campnano)

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