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Timmy is an IRC bot that times word wars. He can be found primarily on ChatNaNo.

Timmy was originally written in PHP by MysteriousAges in 2008. The next year Timmy was ported to Java. Utah::Elsewhere ML utoxin started helping out with Timmy in 2010, cleaning up the codebase and adding new functionality. In 2012, utoxin ported Timmy to PircBotX and added many more advanced features.

Some of Timmy's capabilities include timing wars, getting objects for people, and defenestration. He is known to do silly things such as throw fridges when unoccupied. Timmy also attempts to write a novel every year and is quite excited if someone wants to help him. He has his own Twitter account and will !follow anyone who asks nicely.

Timmy is also the Municipal Liaison Velociraptor Safety Association (MLVSA) Representative for ChatNaNo. All velociraptor sightings should be reported to him immediately.

See also BattleJesus

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