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The Coffeehouse

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The Coffeehouse (formerly All-Ages Coffee House until 2019) is the name of one of the forums. It was founded in 2006 as a place for discussion about NaNo that didn't fit in a particular place elsewhere on the forums. It was located in the forum category Life During NaNo until 2019. Then the Coffeehouse received its own category due to Discourse's allowing forum categories to be forums themselves.

In the sticky, "What is the coffeehouse?", it is described as "a forum for anything that doesn't fit somewhere else, but still isn't quite off topic. Confusing enough for you? Don't sweat it; it's the catch-all for everything." The "All-Ages" part of the name means, according to said article, "no profanity, and no discussions of violence or sexuality."

The forum moves quickly due to its popularity; in peak season, topics may be pushed to page two in a few hours, and sometimes in less than that. Posts may also be moved here from other forums, particularly the Off Topic forum. Its high traffic nature makes it a magnet for promotional posts, which are generally moved to a more appropriate forum.

Remember: if it's about NaNo, it's not off-topic.

Topics and Threads

  • To WriMo or Not To WriMo
  • One Month To Go And Still No Ideas
  • What are you reading?
  • NaNo Swaps

Past threads

Forum Description

2006: "A safe corner to talk about life during NaNoWriMo."

2007-2011: "An all-ages safe corner to talk about life during NaNoWriMo."

2015-September 2019: "An all-ages, safe corner to talk about life during NaNoWriMo."

September 2019-present: "General all-ages friendly chat about things that don’t have their own category! Please be mindful of language and content in this forum. This is an All Ages forum."


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