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Tavia Stewart-Streit

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Tavia Stewart-Streit is the current operations manager of the Office of Letters and Light. She is also the first employee OLL hired after becoming a nonprofit, joining as the managing director.

After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in creative writing, she moved to the Bay Area to try to make a living with her degree. During this time she waited tables at two restaurants and completed three internships. One of those internships turned into a job in customer service at McSweeney's. When the Office of Letters and Light announced the managing editor position, Tavia's supervisor passed the posting along. Three weeks after accepting the position, she moved across the bay to Oakland[1][2].

As OLL expanded, Tavia has held a number of positions in the organization. In 2007 she took the post of Young Writers Program director and worked to expand the program[3]. In 2009 she added the role of operations manager to her many duties. As of July 2010, she now holds this position full-time thanks to Chris Angotti's new position as Young Writers Program director[4].

Tavia volunteers at Watchword Press in her spare time. She enjoys yoga, writing short fiction and poetry, and owls[2][5].


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