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Survival Kit

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The NaNoWriMo Survival Kit is a collection of items that participants believe are needed for a solid month of writing. These items vary from person to person.

Items in a survival kit are often given out between Wrimos or by MLs. Wrimos may also exchange small survival kits as care packages, either in person or via mail. In 2011, OLL put an official care package in their store for the inaugural Camp Nanowrimo.

Common Items


Of course, for those who don't handwrite, a laptop or personal computer is a must. Most Wrimos also include an internet connection for research, connecting with other Wrimos, and of course procrastination. Alternately, they may have an electronic typewriter or Alphasmart. They also include a preferred word processing program, which may include programs like Liquid Story Binder, Scrivener, or yWriter.

Low tech

Even non-handwriters prefer to have a pencil or pen and paper (notebook, notepads or loose papers) around for making outlines, writing when technology is not available, or jotting down spare ideas. They are also commonly included in care packages and goody bags. Index cards are another common item for notes and rearrangeable timelines.

Food and drink

Caffinated drinks are the drink of choice for most wrimos. Hot chocolate is also preferred in the northern hemisphere for those that don't drink coffee and want to battle the cold weather of November. Wrimos also prefer to have snacks on hand as rewards or to keep them energized between meals.

Writing facilitation

In order to inspire their muses, writers often keep writing totem at hand as part of their survival kit. They may also keep fingerless gloves to help keep their hands warm (or as a writing totem on their own) or have lotions and balms to soothe sore wrists.

Camp Nanowrimo Care Package

The Camp Nanowrimo Care Package was available in the store for Wrimos during the summer season. Wrimos could also get sponsored through the Camp Nanowrimo website to have one bought for them. The kit came in a wooden cigar box emblazoned with the Camp Nanowrimo logo. It included a journal made from recycled paper, a twig pen, a Camp nano patch, keyring, and sticker, and three Camp Nano postcards.

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