Support stickers

Support stickers were 100x100 web badges placed on a user's NaNoWriMo profile to show contributions to the NaNoWriMo community that that user has made. They first appeared on the NaNo website in 2011 with the move to Ruby on Rails. Unlike the years participated and years won badges, where the user selects the years participated and won, the NaNoWriMo backend applied the badges to the applicable users' profiles. These stickers appear in the Badges area of a participant's author info.

The Beta Bugger, Camp NaNo Founding Donor, and Stories of Tomorrow badges were permanent fixtures on a user's profile. The Monthly Donor badge may be removed if a Wrimo ends participation in the monthly donation program; however, the program was new enough that this was not tested. The forum mod and ML mentor badge were also new enough that removal of the badge was unknown.

While it was theoretically possible for a user to possess all eight badges on their profile at once, no known Wrimos had all eight badges. At least one participant had six of the eight badges as of August 2015 [1].

The Support Stickers did not return with the new NaNoWriMo website design of 2019.

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Support Stickers


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