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  • ...ld be posted there. Word Association currently finds its home in the Games forum. [[Category:NaNoWriMo forum threads]]
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  • ...is one of the subforums inside the [[Support & Tech Help]] forum. In this forum, participants are encouraged to ask knotty rules questions about the NaNoWr It is from this forum that many of the FAQs in the [https://nanowrimo.uservoice.com/ Frequently A
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  • ...ny discussions that don't belong in any other [[NaNoWriMo forums|NaNoWriMo forum]]. While there are many NaNoWriMo forums on the site, there are also many t ...renamed [[Games, Diversions, and Other Exciting Forms of Procrastination]] forum between 2004 and 2005.<!--what year?--> Off Topic also became a destination
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  • ...ript Frenzy]], participants can post shoutouts to the appropriate shoutout forum to celebrate their accomplishments; they should refrain from posting shouto = Shoutouts Forum =
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  • ...''genre lounges''') is a [[NaNoWriMo forums|NaNoWriMo forum]] and [[Script Frenzy forums]] that allow writers to gather with other writers of their genre. ...this forum. Fantasy, science fiction, and horror were assigned to the same forum, a move that caused much debate until their separation. Romance and erotic
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  • ...take, but a popular recurring thread in [[NaNoWriMo]]s and [[Script Frenzy|Script Frenzies]] to come. Veterans who adopt newbies do anything from messaging n ...t suited. For example, the 2010 edition was posted in the Check-in Station forum[http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/eng/node/3578865].
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  • ...hread''' or simply '''sticky''') is a thread that stays at the top of that forum so forumgoers can find that post more easily. [[Discourse]] uses "pinned po ...osts are made very soon after the forums open due to the popularity of the threads that are stickied or to have important information available from the site
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  • ...f customizable text and images that appears at the bottom of each poster's forum post. The feature is not unique to NaNoWriMo. ...t Frenzy forums]]), participants had a signature space that followed their forum posts. Every user chose to use that space in a different way. Some users li
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  • ...created nineteen covers for participants, all of which were posted on the forum designed for the project and on the [[NaNoWriMo blog]]. [[30 Posters, 30 Days]] was the Script Frenzy sister challenge.
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  • ...nd 2011 NaNo seasons. The library outreach program continued into [[Script Frenzy]] 2010. =Come Write In forum=
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  • A '''locked thread''' is a forum thread that does not allow new comments. Threads can only be locked by moderators or (as of 2019) by the Discourse system ac * The discussion in the thread was placed in the wrong forum.
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  • A '''moderator''' is a forum user who watches over the forums. Moderators exist in forums (or chat rooms ...This will remain the case until Discourse introduces expanded features for forum-specific moderation.
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  • ...ody, especially when writing at a quick pace. Because NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy are about [[quantity over quality]], using a dare to get out of a tight spo ...haracter]]s, several NaNoWriMo novels have been written entirely based off forum dares. This is one idea proposed when a WriMo has no idea what to write abo
    3 KB (543 words) - 01:12, 10 February 2016
  • While a full forum wipe is historically associated with the site relaunch, this is a relic of ...nsition to Discourse in 2019 marked the end of a full forum relaunch, with forum posts being archived and therefore unable to receive new replies after a se
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  • ...tent, as long as it is fiction''; in fact, as of 2012 there's a fanfiction forum under [[Genre Lounges]]) ...an option to select a script as a genre (a homage to the retired [[Script Frenzy]]).
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  • ...the first threads to be made and has also become the largest thread in the forum, showing Twitter as the most often-used social media among Nanoers. ...renzy], the [[Script Frenzy]] Twitter account. Retired in 2012 when Script Frenzy was discontinued.
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  • ...is one of the most popular forums on the site, and during the NaNo season, threads can fall down the page in less than an hour. The posts in the reference desk forum are as varied as the plots of the respective writers. Some writers look for
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  • ...ing [[50,000 words]]. Many Wrimos may form new friendships with people in threads they frequent, and some forums, such as the [[Games, Diversions, and Other ...n on [[PhpBB]]. The tech team used [[Xoops]] and later [[Drupal]] for the forum software. From fall 2011 to fall 2019, the site and forums were custom-bui
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  • ...f note: Lots of popular genres that currently fall into that category have threads. If you're writing in a subgenre of a major genre, there may be a thread fo ...ve your [https://forums.nanowrimo.org/c/outside-the-box/nano-rebels/45 own forum], so it's all good.
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  • ...hey created a long list [http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/forums/virtual-worlds/threads/51849]. ...anowrimo/threads/52433] [http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/forums/camp-nanowrimo/threads/52827]. Jayemjee wrote a program that kept track of badges earned [https://
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