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  • ...(If you're looking for a random number generator, here it is: example: if the forum has 7 pages, set it between 1 and 7). Go to that page, then generate a number between 1 and the number of threads you have listed
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  • ...riguing. You leaf through to the last page to see how long it is. ''Take a random number between 350 and 800'' and write as many words at your own pace. ...yourself a ''modified Three-Digit-Challenge'': Look at the bottom of this page to find out how many people are online right now. Take the last three digit
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  • ...of a page when you see it. Another Pepe meme. Will another be on the next page? Flip a coin here. If it's heads, you've dodged a bullet with the breadstic '''#ootd:''' You post a picture of yourself wearing a cute outfit. Get a random number from 1-10 and multiply it by 15. That's how many likes it gets; writ
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  • ...If you are not a Supernatural fan, '''then roll a dice with ten sides (via or something like that) and write 100x that number.''' ...articipate in a 20 minute war''' as you get a troll to stop hating on some random girl.
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  • Going Shopping Part 1: Oh, look at your page. It doesn't look like you've got everything you need to get going there. '' the Recipe Part 1: I don't know what I'm looking at here. '''Go pick a random number between 1-100. Add the digits, multiply by 10, and write that many w
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  • ...2010, in the Austrian NaNo-Skype-Chatroom: Participant Spiegelfaenger just random-lettered in a half-desperate attempt to inspire herself. The outcome was "n * [ Austria regional page]
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  • ...tps:// challenge lists] can be found on their page [ here]) ...: A series of 6 events (5 + 1 practice one) held over six weeks in which a random prompt is given to a group of writers and they have 72 hours to plot, write
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  • ...ise for anyone that donates, or limited-edition or vintage merchandise for random donors. * [ NaNoWriMo Donation Day page]
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  • ...ingredient swap! Have someone pick a word sprint challenge off the first page of the Word Wars forum, or roll a die and pick one yourself. (If you land ...'''Do a word sprint to each of your four characters's theme songs''' (or a random song), plus '''an additional song for each failcake'''.
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  • ...had a count down toward 50,000, but was reverted a few days in to a stats page like the regular NaNoWriMo. The website also had a private message system, ...ivity level, word count goal, or genre. They may have also opted to join a random cabin or not to join a cabin at all. Cabins have a central "wall" on which
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  • ...rawl. '''Choose one of the following characters''' using a 12-sided die, a random number generator or personal preference. I balanced the tracks as much as p the new character by personal preference, by using a die, or by using a random number generator. You can either haunt the same character until that charac
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  • This page contains the [[Camp Care Package]]s from Camp NaNoWriMo July 2019. ...a tough situation) or sinister (an enemy spying on them) or accidental (a random person in the wrong place at the wrong time).
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  • This page contains the [[Camp Care Package]]s from Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016. Too intimidated by the blank page? '''Just sneak up on your story.''' The first sentence can literally be "I
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  • Rescue them, '''roll a pair of dice or use a random generator 2-12, whatever the amount is times it by 100 and write that many Get hostages: '''Write 10 words for every page there is in your book.''' If you do more than 1000 words, get [Bloodthirsty
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  • This page contains the [[Camp Care Package]]s from Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017. your writing project to pen a love letter (or hate letter) to the blank page in front of you. It's surprising where words—any words—will lead you on
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  • and start again? How to keep going when you think you’ve just written a page of rubbish? ...ermied marmot on the mantelpiece) are suddenly important and meaningful on page 187. Everything could hinge on the fate of that marmot. Or the marmot may b
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