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The USA/WI/Elsewhere Region has members from all the places the other Wisconsin regions don't cover. These include [[Region/USA/WI/Eau Claire|Eau Claire]], [[Region/USA/WI/Kenosha & Racine|Kenosha/Racine]], [[Region/USA/WI/Madison|Madison]], [[Region/USA/WI/Milwaukee|Milwaukee]], [[Region/USA/WI/Waukesha|Waukesha]], [[Region/USA/WI/Northern Wisconsin|Northern Wisconsin]], [[Region/USA/WI/Platteville|Platteville]], and [[Region/USA/WI/Fox Cities|Fox Cities]]. The Elsewhere Region has 2,569 members, second only to [[Region/USA/WI/Milwaukee|Milwaukee]], which has 2,864. In 2013, the Region wrote 7,924,627 words.

==Municipal Liaisons==
There are currently no MLs for this region. For information on becoming one, please check [ this page] out!

==Online Presence==
In addition to the [ Region] page, WI Elsewhere has an "unofficial" [ Facebook] group.