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The NaNo Technology forum, abbreviated "NaNo Tech", exists in the Resources & Writing Support forum category. Here participants may discuss the programs and devices they use to write their novel, or in some cases, the lack thereof. Questions about programs, computers, phones, and even typewriters aren't uncommon. Moderators of this forum seek to provide no more than one thread per program, to keep duplicate discussions down.

From the Sticky post: "If you'd like to recommend a program here, please do so. If you want to promote your for-sale program, then you'll need to post that in the Marketing, Self Promotion, and Stuff for Sale forum. If you are offer a free program, you are welcome to post it here, provided you do not link to for-sale content. That doesn't mean that you can't post non-free options here, only that you can't pimp your own for-sale programs. ;)"

It is also the most common place to find the very popular progress charts and spreadsheets created by participants.

The NaNo Technology forum is one of the original forums introduced in 2002. The forum description has remained unchanged since 2003.

Forum Descriptions

2002: "Palm pilot? Typewriter? Sticks-and-dirt? What technology (or lack thereof) are you going to use to write your novel this year?"

2003-present: "PC? Cell phone? Smoke signals? What technology (or lack thereof) are you going to use to write your novel this year?"

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