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Site relaunch

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The site relaunch (or site wipe) is an event that happens on the NaNoWriMo website in October. It is when the forums are wiped for a new season of Nano and is considered the "start" of the new November NaNoWriMo season.

While the NaNoWriMo staff strive to have the new site up in early October, technical hiccups do happen. The site relaunched on the 10th in 2011 and the 12th in 2014, as an example.

Every year, the forums are wiped to give them a clean start without the clutter of previous years. The posts are kept in a database, possibly to be added to the website as a read-only archive. In addition, a new Breaking News (and in previous years, NaNoVideo) is put out to welcome users to the site. The forums in December and Beyond are also moved to the bottom of the forums until December. The store is updated with new information on the donor goodies. In past years, users who had halos from the previous season of Nano will have them reset; as of 2015, halos are reset at the beginning of a new calendar and fiscal year.

In 2014 only forum threads not posted in since August 1 were wiped, leaving recent conversations (and occasionally older conversations with recent posts) on the forums. This changed in 2015, when only threads created before September first were wiped. 2015 also marked the beginning of a more gradual relaunch; some new pages and features would appear on the main NaNoWriMo site in late September. Examples of this include the introduction of the LGBT+ Fiction genre forum and the word sprint timer in 2016.

In addition, major changes are often implemented during the site relaunch. The switches to Xoops, Drupal, and later Ruby on Rails was implemented during the site launch. New forums may be added, or old forums with no further use may be removed, and new or changed features may be added to allow them to be tested with some significant traffic before the actual start of Nano. New merchandise may be added at this time in preparation for the new season as well. The NaNo staff also sends out reminders of the new season to anyone who hasn't logged in since a certain date. The exact date used is currently unknown.

The Young Writers Program also relaunches around the same time.

Camp NaNo's 2012 Relaunch was in January; 2013's relaunch (and all years since then) was in March. Before Discontinuation, the Script Frenzy relaunch was in late February or early March.