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Script Frenzy

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Script Frenzy (abbreviated Screnzy) was a monthlong challenge to write 100 pages of scripted material in April. Run by The Office of Letters and Light, it was the sister challenge to National Novel Writing Month.

The first Script Frenzy took place in June 2007 under Program Director Kristina Malsberger [1], during which participants aimed to write 20,000 words of a screenplay or stage play. Unlike NaNoWriMo, participants were allowed to write with a partner; like NaNoWriMo, beginning with previously written works was forbidden.

The next year the event was moved to April, and Jennifer Arzt took over as program director. The format of the event was also changed: all scripts were allowed, including those based on previous works, and the goal changed from 20,000 words to 100 pages. These rules remain in place to this day. Under Jennifer, the event grew from about 8k participants in 07 and 08 to about 12k in 2009 to over 21,000 participants in 2010.

In January 2011 Sandra Salas replaced Jennifer Arzt as the Script Frenzy program director, who left to direct her own screenplay. Script Frenzy saw a participant decrease in Script Frenzy in both 2011 (despite a record number of winners) and 2012. The Script Frenzy 2012 participant total was 16,358, third place for most Script Frenzy participants. It was about 75.5% of the 2010 record of 21,666 and about 85.1% of the second place total of 19,221 from Script Frenzy 2011.

In June 2012, the Board of Directors voted to end Script Frenzy [2]. The YWP site was made archival in September 2012, the Adult site in April 2013.

After a record-breaking amount of fundraising ($1.026 Million) in NaNo 2012, Script Frenzy was integrated into the Camp NaNoWriMo event starting in April 2013, with the arrival of flexible word count goals and scripts as a genre option entering camp to accommodate the scripting option. In 2017, page count goals were added to CampNaNoWriMo. Staff have said that other Script Frenzy features, such as the PDF Validator, may be integrated into camp if the scripting interest remains. [3] Despite the existence of petitions, the return of Script Frenzy to its former 'separate-event' status is highly unlikely at this time.


Script Frenzy writers started from scratch on 1 April. They could write alone or with one partner to reach the 100 page goal. They could also do as much planning as they wanted before the start of April but were not allowed to start writing before the beginning of the month. No scriptwriting experience was necessary to participate in Script Frenzy, as the site provided resources to learn the basics before the challenge begins.

For more questions see the official FAQ or the unofficial FAQ.


Script Frenzy's Forums were similar to NaNo's, except they lacked certain sections, namely age groups and roleplaying, created confusion over whether a script type lounge or genre lounge was best for a topic, and were sometimes criticized for having two+ boards for basically the same thing. The Post-Event boards were much like NaNo's, except for the existence of a highly unpopular deadlines board.

The Forums had medium-level activity during most Frenzy's, but was activer than usual in 2010 and less active than usual in 2012. However, the forums often experienced low or very low activity during the off-season, and a connected community like that of NaNo never truly came to be.


The most common abbreviation for Script Frenzy is Screnzy, an abbreviation of Script Frenzy. It is often used to refer to a writer participating in Script Frenzy or to the event itself. Its origins are unknown, but Script Frenzy participants have likely used this term as long as Script Frenzy existed. A Screnzier is a Script Frenzy participant.

While the Script Frenzy staff usually sticks to Frenzy when shortening the name of the event, the name of the Screnzy Artisans forum is one of the first known appearances of Screnzy by the staff.

Script Frenzy forum on NaNoWriMo

When Script Frenzy was retired in 2012, the NaNo team created a Script Frenzy forum on the NaNo site for these participants.

Forum description

"Refugees from Script Frenzy can hang out here to discuss the trials and joys of writing a script! It's a different beast from writing a novel, and here you'll find the support from your fellow Scripters! (2012-2014)

"Are you still missing Script Frenzy? Hang out here to discuss the trials and joys of writing a script!" (2015-September 2019)

"Not a novelist, or just want to try your hand at writing a play? Though we don’t have a dedicated site for scripts anymore, we welcome all who are writing them!" (September 2019-present)




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