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Sandra Salas

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Sandra Salas was the Script Frenzy Program Director during Script Frenzy 2011 and 2012, joining the Office of Letters and Light in January 2011. She replaced Jennifer Arzt who left to direct her own screenplay. [1]

Unfortunately, despite some success in setting records for number of winners, Sandra was unable to attract participants and donors to the event. Script Frenzy participation fell 25% over the course of 2011 and 2012. Script Frenzy was officially retired in June 2012 due to decreasing participation and a decline in donations.

Before directing Script Frenzy, Sandra worked on commercials as a production assistant. Later she wanted to write scripts, so she took workshops and started writing, eventually getting accepted into the American Film Institute and earning her MFA in screenwriting there. She moved to Singapore, teaching screenwriting and did script consulting while there. Her 2011 script's location in Singapore is inspired by her time there[2]

Sandra enjoys skateboarding, hiking with her dogs, watching movies, and organic gardening.

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