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Rules & Regs

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Rules, Regulations, and Other Minutiae, abbreviated "Rules & Regs", is one of the three NaNoWriMo Etc forums. In this forum, participants are encouraged to ask knotty rules questions about the NaNoWriMo event, such as "What Counts in the Word Count?" and "Does This Count as a Novel?"

It is from this forum that many of the FAQs in the Frequently Asked Questions originate. They truly are frequently asked questions.

Forum Description

2003-2006: Do interrelated short stories constitute a novel? If my main character is just me with a different name, does that count as fiction? How can I claim to have written a novel in a month if I hit 50,000 words and am only halfway through? Shouldn't this be called National Novella Writing Month? And why is it called "national" if people are doing this all over the world? The place where the detail-oriented gather to ponder the fine print.

2007-2010: Is there something the FAQ didn't cover that you just have to have an official ruling on? This is the place where the detail-oriented gather to ponder the fine print.

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