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'''Ruby on Rails''' (often shortened to '''RoR''' or '''Rails''') is a web application framework for the Ruby programming language and the current framework of the [[NaNoWriMo]] website. The transition began in 2011 with the [[Camp NaNoWriMo]] website, and then the NaNoWriMo Website later that year. Due to budget cuts, Script Frenzy continues to remain on Drupal to this day. Like [[xoops]] and [[Drupal]] (but unlike [[PhpBB]], it is a website management system, which means that it can maintain both static or mostly static content (such as webpages), blog-type content, and forums. 
#REDIRECT [[NaNoWriMo website]]
The transition to Ruby on Rails from Drupal was chosen for RoR's better management of database queries and server management, which lowered the loads on the database by 75% and has so far put a permanent end to the October/November Crashes that predated the 2002-2010 NaNoWriMo Seasons.
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