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Regional Lounge

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In the National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy forums, a Regional Lounge is a forum in which Wrimos can get to know each other and coordinate real life write-ins. Most regional lounges are moderated by one or more municipal liaisons (MLs), who coordinate events in that region. In larger regions, particularly in regions labeled Elsewhere, participants may volunteer to coordinate events closer to their homes.

All regional lounges are All-Ages forums.

Wrimos and Frenziers can choose to affiliate with as many regions as they please. Being a member of a region allows you to see that region's forum in the main forum page, as well as receiving any emails that the ML sends. Participants can also choose a region to be their home region. For most participants, the home region is the region that they live closest to. Choosing a home region in NaNoWriMo means that your word count and donations also count toward your home region's totals, giving your region a boost up the charts.