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The second-largest Region in Wisconsin, the USA/WI/Madison Region has 2,770 members. In 2013, the region wrote 12,596,217 words. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and the Region comprises the areas around Madison as well as the city.

Municipal Liaisons

The current ML is bexdragon.


On the first at midnight in 2013, Madison held a Midnight Launch at a local cafe called Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. "For the night owls and die hards, here is the annual "Perkins is open so we may as well eat pie while we demolish that first blank page" write in. At 8 the next morning, some Wrimos met at the Middleton Marriott. "Teslacon attendees will be here already, so you may as well join them in the lobby for some Day 1 writing! Ending whenever writers wander off to panels or to work…" The day continued in the evening, when The Sow's Ear hosted writers: "Launch day will be extra merry with a southwest write in! Tasty treats and beverages, a fascinating array of knitting yarn, and a truly cozy ambiance combined with a room reserved for us are sure to make this a fun time."

  • Nov 17 brought the Night of Writing Madly at the Italian Workmen's Club: Back by popular demand, our local version of the NaNoWriMo grand gala!
    • What: Writing, of course. Oh, and dinner. And cupcakes. Coffee too. And fabulous prizes. (Okay, not that fabulous of prizes.)
    • Dinner: Served at 5:30, but will be available until gone. Pasta dinner with meatballs. Made by real Italians. And the Steampunk Cupcake Tower™ filled with cakes to keep us sugared. Coffee and limited soda will be available as well as bottled water.
    • Costumes: Since it was suggested, if you want to come dressed as your favorite author or character, feel free. It isn't required at all. Though you will likely be rewarded with photos taken and getting a shout out in the blog. ;)
  • On Nov 23, Madison had a Write In - Cafe Crawl! Write for an hour, then walk to the next coffeeshop for the next hour!
    • 1:00-2:00 Fair Trade Coffee House
    • 2:00-3:00 Redamte Coffee House
    • 3:00-4:00 Michelangelo's Coffee House

Online Presence

In addition to their Region page, Madison has a Facebook page.