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The USA :: Wisconsin :: Fox Cities region consists of cities and towns along the Fox River in Wisconsin, including Appleton, Kaukauna, Menasha, Neenah, and Oshkosh.

Regional Stats

  • 2013: With 863 members, Fox Cities wrote 5,279,999 words
  • 2014: 215 novelists; 3,807,754 words written; 17,710 average wordcount
  • 2015: 194 novelists; 4,314,700 words written; 22,240 average wordcount
  • 2016: 199 novelists; 3,712,359 words written; 18,655 average wordcount
  • 2017: 163 novelists; 2,775,952 words written; 17,030 average wordcount
  • 2018: 156 novelists; 3,312,930 words written; 21,236 average wordcount
  • 2019: 134 novelists; 38 winners; 4,449,025 words written[1]
  • 2020: 92 novelists; 1,854,186 words written; 20,154 average wordcount[2]

Municipal Liaisons




In 2013, Fox Cities held several events:

  • Nov 9: National Novel Writing Month Lock-In, at Oshkosh Library. "Need some words? Come let us help you with plot ninjas, word sprints and other support in a quiet setting designed to up your word count."
  • Nov 12: National Novel Writing Month Halfway Hell, at Water's Building. "Are you over 25,000 words at this point? Whether you are or not, stop in to spend an hour or two writing with friends."
  • Nov 20: National Novel Writing Sugar Rush, at Water's Building. "Donuts and juice will be available! Fuel your writing with sugar and juice. Stop in and celebrate or commiserate with fellow authors. While you're here, get your word count up and running."


  1. Totals from the NaNo Stats Generator, using the 2019 non-public Word Count API. This data includes everyone who has joined the region (not necessarily homed) but excludes projects not associated with the NaNoWriMo 2019 event, including word counts across multiple projects.
  2. Sent from NaNoWriMo HQ, February 2021. Consists of active homed participants who created a NaNoWriMo 2020 project.

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