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The USA::Missouri::Kansas City region consists of the greater Kansas City, Missouri area, including the Kansas City in Kansas. The region covers the Kansas and Missouri sides of the city, calling themselves the Kansas-Missouri Writers Collective (or KanMoWriCo).

In 2010 Kansas City participated in the Great NaNoWriMo Book Drive and collected over 3,000 books.

Regional Stats

  • 2014: 700 novelists; 14,586,496 words written; 20,837 average wordcount
  • 2015: 755 novelists; 14,653,575 words written; 19,408 average wordcount
  • 2016: 784 novelists; 14,447,645 words written; 18,428 average wordcount
  • 2017: 742 novelists; 15,988,004 words written; 21,547 average wordcount
  • 2018: 696 novelists; 14,096,330 words written; 20,253 average wordcount
  • 2019: stats unavailable[1]

Municipal Liaisons




  1. 2019's totals, when available, were provided through a third-party tool using the non-public Word Count API. This region was large enough to overload the tool.

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