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Mexico :: South is a NaNoWriMo region for southern Mexico. As of April 2016, the welcome message reads: "Bienvenidos a la región México:Sur! Aquí todos los mexicanos son bienvenidos. Nuestra misión es hacer crecer el NaNoMovimiento en el país, así que las sugerencias, ideas y quejas son más que bienvenidas por acá. Pásenle y disfruten su estancia!"


  • In 2012, the Mexico::South region wrote 3,980,696 words.
  • In 2013, the Mexico::South region wrote 3,957,910 words.
  • 2014: 283 novelists; 4,541,079 words written; 16,046 average wordcount
  • 2015: 305 novelists; 5,351,375 words written; 17,545 average wordcount
  • 2016: 296 novelists; 4,631,620 words written; 15,647 average wordcount
  • 2017: 344 novelists; 4,623,706 words written; 13,441 average wordcount
  • 2018: 409 novelists; 5,947,103 words written; 14,540 average wordcount
  • 2019: 279 novelists; 78 winners; 6,268,214 words written[1]

Municipal Liaisons




  1. Totals from the NaNo Stats Generator, using the 2019 non-public Word Count API. This data includes everyone who has joined the region (not necessarily homed) but excludes projects not associated with the NaNoWriMo 2019 event, including word counts across multiple projects.

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